In this section of the blog I will tell tales, stories invented, some happy, some not so happy, but all of them fictional (unless I explicitly say they are not). There will be various tags to categorize my tales in this section., pay some attention to my tags, this way you will not get in the middle of a romantic scenario, when your intention was to have a good action reading.

And now…

Once upon a time…



  1. Maybe a bit short, but I think the main idea can be understood perfectly from this little story.
    I am very bussy making some 3D game programming for Android mobiles (which I do in my computer with the apropriate IDE), but I have not been programming for more than two years, and the IDE, APIs, and some definitions have changed, besides I will have to draw the characters, worlds, and elements in 3D along with moving, rotating, translating…the elements, and that takes time, so I think it will take me some more time to rearrange all I wish to rearrange in this blog, as I told you some posts ago.
    Don’t worry if you notice some changes, when I eventually decide where to host my domain, I’ll post about it, so that nobody gets lost.
    Best regards.

    Me gusta

  2. Vanetta Mazza dijo:

    Thanks for sharing your view I found it verying interesting.

    Me gusta

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