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One of the main differences between formal and informal English is the use of contractions, specially in written English. In formal English contraction of words such as ‘gonna’ = ‘going to’, ‘ain’t’ = ‘[tense of verb depending on context] not’, ‘won’t’ = ‘will not’, ‘wanna’ = ‘want to’,  ‘I’ll’ = ‘I will’ … and so on, is not used at all. Besides there is something important regarding direct or indirect style, active or passive voices, personal or impersonal sentences, context and lexicons.

We don’t use the same register of words and structures when we are at home than when we are somewhere else. Those are nuances of language in all its extension (lexicon, grammar, syntax…) that not all people handle or understand well. Specially foreign language learning beginners.

I will use informal style here. That is much harder to understand for beginners, but don’t worry, if you have any doubt on any aspect you can contact me by email and I’ll explain it to you.

Informal style does not mean incorrect, vulgar, disrespectful or tactless. Has much more to do with distance. Informal style gets closer than formal style, bear it in mind if you use it. One shouldn’t use informal style at all with people they don’t know well, it could be misunderstood if the recipient of the message are not at the exact distance we think they are, I mean you should (triple) check before you say something in informal style; the recipient could misunderstand you and it could rise an issue. Informal style is dangerous. Bear it in mind.

One of my best fortes is humor. I can make you laugh your heads off in a respectful, tactful and elegant way. And I’ll use the correct set of words and structures.

I’ll post on current affairs, in an unbiased humorous way.

Happy laughing! 🙂


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