Global issues

This section of the blog is to talk about issues that occur all over the planet, and affect to all of us. Mostly about nature, environment, and ‘how-tos’ to quicker than light recipes to fix unpleasant, slippery, hazardous threats related to the brand new, though not very longer lasting geological era known as ‘Anthropoceno’, the geological era that takes its name derived from the direct impact of human beings actions on planet Earth.

Climate change, global warming, seismical crises, water depletion… global issues.

Read carefully, take a deep breath, chill out, keep calm, don’t panic, and try to help fixing it all up.

We still have a little time, but not too much if we do nothing about it.

Bouncing climate.
Planeta retumbante.
‘Grace’ twin satellites.
Debajo del asfalto
Beneath the asphalt
Global warming? What the heck is that?”

Click on Global issues or Global warming categories or tags from now on. If you are watching this site from a mobile device (which I strongly recommend you not to do, for global reasons, unless you have no other means to surf the web), scroll or roll down the device screen where you will see a button saying ‘view full site’, this way you will see the tags and categories widgets, by clicking on any subject you will see the related posts.

Environment (subcategory)
Seismicity (subcategory)
Tectonics (subcategory)

Happy reading!


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