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This is a section of the blog to comment on hardware, firmware, mid-ware, freeware, shareware, malware, spyware, exploits, rootkits, keyloggers, screencapturers, code injection, physing, zombies, drones, DOS atacks, forcebrute atacks, man-in-the-middle, mirroring, redirection, proxies, TOR net type sites, password stealing… open-code, proprietary code, software, low-level, assembly, interpreters, compilers, high level programming, object-oriented programming, static, dynamic, structured, unstructured, hierarchical, non-hierarchical, managed, unmanaged, CMSs, SEO, PPC, SEM, RISC, CISC, fault tolerant, optimized, unoptimized, syntax restricted, syntax unrestricted, try catch, (no, no, don’t try, don’t catch), decode, functions, procedures, methods, members, values, variables, constants, databases, vulnerabilities…



Abacus Central Process Unit powered model with antivirus included.

I have found some useful links :

Reverse DNS Lookup & Other Network Tools.
myiptest IP Address Lookup
tcpiputils Online Investigation Tool

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