Cancionero (VI)

Cancionero (VI)

[Update 5 noviembre 2017]

Yet another related punk rock band (forget about the Brat Pack indeed there was not such a thing like that, it was only a way to put the attention on other people, although eventually the Brat Pack ended ‘existing’…).

Don’t know if this is one or not a group of that pack (I had never heard of anything like that at the time [the eighties], I had only heard about Brit Pop, as a way tu put together some musicians).

Psychedelic Furs have a song called ‘Talk Talk Talk’.

Psychedelic Furs start the ‘Pretty in pink’ song with the word ‘Caroline’

This other band are called ‘Talk Talk‘, I know some of their songs. One of them is called ‘Does Caroline know?’, I heard it yesterday afternoon, I don’t know the lyrics (yet).

This is a link to a live concert they did in 1986 in Switzerland, in the city of Montreux.

Talk Talk Live on 11th July 1986 at the Jazz Festival in Switzerland. The show was part of a tour that started in April 1986 to promote the band’s recent album The Colour of Spring, and was to be their only appearance at Montreux.


Sounds better in studio version but sounds good anyway, doesn’t it?

You must LISTEN to this concert, lyrics vary a bit in some cases. Besides, there are some songs that are only named, but not completely sung. The tracks are the following:

Talk talk
Dum dum girl
The night boy
Tomorrow started
My foolish friend
Life’s what you make it
Mirror man (only mentioned)
Does Caroline know?
It’s you
Chameleon day (only mentioned)
Living in another world
Give it up
It’s my life
I don’t believe in you (some verses change)
Such a shame

Here you are a link to metrolyrics with a list for their songs copy and paste [INTRO… 😀 ]:

And before the [previous] next concert two Spanish songs by the same rock band.

And another live concert in Montreux 1986 of which it is said there is a movie (I haven’t seen yet).

Just watch the stage and find the twothousand differences.

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