PTP Precission Time Protocol (III)

PTP Precission Time Protocol (III)

This is a flash style post…

I was searching for some info on this topic and I found yet another not my mistake instance in one of this series posts…

The thing is I didn’t have in mind writing from my mobile phone but, I found a sentence saying in Japan there are two electrical grid frequencies, which is true.

The yet another not my mistake instance is the frequencies are 50 Hz and 60 Hz, and not 40 as some hacker put after I finished.

Besides big servers and data hubs facilities work at 400 Hz.

If you had read something about sound engineering you would know mains buzz is a have-to to get good quality.

In Europe we have 50, in USA they have 60, in Japan they enfatically have both.

And there are 400 for everyone.

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