Mazcayos’ Nation

Mazcayos’ Nation

Well… the Asturian word “mazcayu” is not easy to translate… first a to-Spanish translation must be done, and its meaning is sort of … ‘dumb’, ‘silly’, ‘daft’, ‘clumsy’…

So, in order not to rewrite the “Toos pensaben que yera’l mazcayu’l pueblu” to-Asturian lyrics translation for ‘The coward of the county’ song, by Kenny Rogers, I will say it was not an accurate translation, being better this other one: “Toos pensaben que yera’l cobardu’l pueblu”, being “mazcayu” (femenine, “mazcaya”) a person who is not very efficient at processing information quickly or accurately, and this is a different thing from being a coward, who is a person lacking of courage or strength to face trouble and awkwardness.

Then I wrote the (I’ll translate to English directly) ‘The little fan of the clumsy woman (that’s me)’ post about a cap I bought ages ago while being on a journey which had a solar panel and a fan feeded by Sun’s rays, and some modifications I am doing to the device.

And in the previous post I introduced the balance constant for solutions and disolutions, wich is, in short, a relative proportion in mixtures for chemical reactions to be either not started, or finished, in fact I think the technical term for it is the equilibrium constant.

As I said, it has to do with proportion in mixtures, and it is generally measured related with pH (although pH in most cases is a direct measure of the dissociation state of atoms or complex ions and radicals coming from the solvent molecules, and not the salt).

pH of water, for instance indicates the number of atoms of hydrogen who are not bonded to oxygen part of hydroxiles-oxhydriles radical groups, in terms of negative powers, so the higher the number (the negative exponent for the (dec-ln-napl) base) the less hydrogene atoms there are in the mixture, and consequently the mixture has a basic  nature.

When a solut (be it solid, liquid, or gas) is added to a solvent, its molecules combine and equilibrium is lost. This creates a tendency for change in matter, technicaly it is called gradient.

Osmosis, or electricity are deeply affected, for instance.

Imagine a balance with Yottatons of weight… well… say tons…

We have loads of tons in equilibrium, then a tiny mass particule falls in either part of the fulcrum. We may not notice, but equilibrium is lost. With enough time the balance will fall from its position.

It would be wiser not to put more (loads of tons of) tiny particules on top of it all.

The activation energy works also like this.

(And now… I’ll think in the cantabile version for “Toos pensaben que yera’l cobardu’l pueblu”… which… is not an easy task… 🙂 and remember the correct translation for ‘coward’ is “cobarde”, “cobardu”, and the correct translation for “mazcayu” is ‘silly’, ‘dumb’, ‘clumsy).

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