“How Stupid!”, the Pilot Episode (Coming Soon…).

“How Stupid!”, the Pilot Episode (Coming Soon…).

You know? After a lively debate with myself, I eventually have decided to start this section but, instead of being a live radio broadcast, which would take a lot of time, in order to download the live broadcasting utility, configure my computer, and so on, besides filling my schedule with a weekly appointment to broadcast the live radio program, I will upload a video weekly into my YouTube Channel (which I have left alone for some time, not uploading anything for months).

Regarding the content of each program… I don’t know yet, but I know it won’t take me too much time to pick a “How stupid!” topic per week…

So, as this is the Pilot Episode, I’ll start at once!

Remember? I was writing in a serious well structured way about technical hullabaloo, physics, chemistry, maths… when I suddenly came across the Tokamak, also known as Stellarator, device…

I got angry, and still am, though the idea has settled down a long time ago, and the perplexity about it has diminished a bit (how stupid, to let myself being still amazed by things like that, considering I am a woman in her forties, and much nearer to her fifties…).

The thing is really stupid, but the average Joe and Mary don’t even know the word:

  • Tokamak.
  • Can you spell it?
  • T-o-k-a-m-a-k
  • Aham… and what’s that?
  • It is a device to produce energy of the electrical kind.
  • What?
  • Electricity.
  • Can you spell it?
  • E-l-e-c-t-r-i-c-i-t-y.
  • Aham… and what’s that?
  • … [Am I living in a loop?]
  • Can you spell it?
  • L-o-o-p
  • A Tokamak, is an accelerator, a big one, it accelerates plasma contained and flowing into a pipe. The pipe has to be charged in order to repell the fluid circulating inside of it, because if the fluid, which is circulating inside of it, touches the pipe, Chernobyl will become sort of a mishap in comparison.
  • Really?
  • Yeah.
  • How stupid! And why do they do that?
  • [Because of big amounts of money] and because that way they make a… sort of a semiconductor, an electrically unbalanced mass of matter,  rapidly flowing inside a pipe, ‘venting out’ through the electrical grid the electrical energy expelled by the nuclear chemical reaction produts of lithium, protium, deuterium, and tritium, among other possible fuels, while changing one into another in the plasma pseudo-state, which is a highly energetic state.
  • Can elements be changed into one another?
  • Yes, they’ve being doing it in a big scale since the sixties.
  • The sixties?
  • Yeah, the sixties. You know? Plasma is not the so-called fourth state of matter. Plasma is a mixture of liquid and gas, sharing features of both states, but not being clearly one or the other.  So, for instance, if presure and/or temperature conditions get out of “control” the gas feature part of plasma can rapidly become of the liquid type, being then its volume constant, wich is a property of the liquid state, instead of variable, which is a property of the gas state. This would result, from a certain point of molecular compresibility, generally in volume of plasma changing. And I said: GENERALLY, remember water, behaves in the opposite way, and it is abundant along with being a have-to for life to take place. Besides, the example I have just explained, can occur the other way around: liquid feature part of plasma turning into gas feature part, and then it would be even worse.
  • That sounds dangerous!
  • Yeah, I know, that’s why I got angry and stopped writing about it.
  • But why do they do that?
  • Because of the profits, I mean the economical profits of course, and also because of a really unwise, unsensible, selfish way of thinking, investing, and developing: they are convinced there is no way to change the industries around it all, they gave up decades ago, and they are not really aware of how dangerous it is. They do know for sure, they are introducing hazardous, or even forbidden technologies, but disguise them, the facts, the numbers, the correlations, and so on. They do it, and they know they have been doing it for ages.
  • Why do you say they are not aware of how dangerous it is?
  • Because, certain advanced concepts are obscure and complicated even for experts and technicians, and because contextual and historical errors have been summing up for centuries. Some concepts are difficult enough themselves, and in the last decades, measurements, facts, terminology, and everything that serves to describe, control and define those technologies, have been stretched to an enormous extent, and now, there are very few people in the world who can comprehend and/or study impacts to get to a reliable conclusion, so they can conclude nothing or little about it all, therefore not knowing what to do about it.
  • Take fiber optics, for instance. Thay say there is no load loss in optical fiber, but that is not really true, it is only a trick.
  • A trick?
  • Yes, a trick, the technology is relatively new, and instead of defining and calling it “load loss”, they defined it as “attenuation“, so legally speaking, is not quite the same term, and they skipped the electricity “load loss” that way (and the same goes for the WIC, What I Call, the WTF, ‘What Thermal For?’ thing in Rankine Cycle…).
  • And what is “load loss”?
  • Imagine you have to fill a pot with water to boil some pasta.
  • Spaghetti?
  • Whatever edible italian pasta.
  • Instead of putting the pot right under the tap in the kitchen and fill it, for some stupid reason hardly explainable… you leave the pot in the kitchen and go… say… to the garage hose, twenty meters away with a colander, open the hose tap, “fill” the colander with water, go to the kitchen and “pour” it into the pot.
  • Aaaah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… How stupid!
  • Yeah, I know… that is load loss: losing the fluid (electrical) all along the way from the source to the point where electricity is consumed.
  • And with fiber optics, technically and legally speaking, there is not “load loss”, it is called “attenuation”, and that’s the trick.

( I’ll upload this reading  video, and put it in the “How Stupid!01” playlist, the first of the section, later).

And I’ll give you a link for the first “How stupid!” program, because, remember: this is the Pilot Episode.

“How Stupid!” First Episode, coming soon (though later…).

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