How stupid!

How stupid!

  • ?
  • … A lot of things… that’s why!

I am considering the idea of starting a new section whose name would be: ‘How stupid!’

I have to engage in a serious debate with myself before I eventually decide what to do about it but, if I do, it will be a live radio broadcast, commenting… this, and that…

Just imagine you are listening to my forthcoming new radio-section live broadcast and sudenly you hear:

‘Hello, and welcome to ‘How stupid!”

[I think you would burst out laughing, if you heard me saying that].

But… in addition to the would-be radio program title and intro, I would have to put some valuable content, you know?

‘How stupid!’ is not an easy task to fulfill, and would take me some time, to search for the topics, references, music, and so on…

So… for now… be happy with this:

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