I’ve been updating the Table Of Contents tab, now all posts from the start (May 2014) to the end of December 2015 are ordered by date listed as links where you can see dates and titles for each. I’ll keep updating every so often untill all posts are listed.

Ho stato attualizzando la tab della Tavola Di Topic ‘Table Of Contents’, adesso tutti i post dall’inizio (maggio 2014) fino a dicembro 2015 sono ordinati per la data e listati come link dove potete vedere le date ed i titoli per ognuno. Esseguirò attualizzando qualche minuto fino ad avere tutti im post listati.

He estado actualizando la pestaña de la Tabla De Contenidos, ‘Table Of Contents’, ahora todos los posts desde el inicio (mayo 2014) a diciembre de 2015 están ordenados por fecha y listados como enlaces donde se ve la fecha y el título de cada uno. Seguiré actualizando de vez en cuando hasta tenerlos todos listados.

He actualizado este | ho attualizzato questo | I have updated this:

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I am a teacher of English who started to write this blog in May 2014. In the column on the right I included some useful links and widgets Italian is another section of my blog which I called 'Cornice Italiana'. There are various tags and categories you can pick from. I also paint, compose, and play music, I always liked science, nature, arts, language... and other subjects which you can come across while reading my posts. Best regards.
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