Bad news (II)

Bad news (II)

[Update 27 June]

I’ll comment this issue (a global one) for the last time.

If you are monitoring yourselves, you have noticed for sure that something strange is happening. It is not normal at all, daylight hours growing longer or shorter, in this way and pace. I mean (leaving out some differences in light perception because of altitude, clouds, or any other phenomena due to the weather conditions), if you have been monitoring yourselves WITHOUT the aid of electrical automated devices, you are noticing precession and nutation (precession in other direction of space) is making the Earth’s rotational axis swing to and fro, much more noticeable and frequent than it should be swinging. And this is why, observing dawn and sunset in order to match their times of occurrence is varying so much in time (which, regardless of what media are announcing, is what is happening).

I like science because science is much more near to the unbiased truth than history, for instance… well, for as long as scientific constants, and formulae are not being reformulated, and shifted from their true values (which on the other hand I am sure you haven’t yet noticed has happened at least a couple of times… [I am being a bit ironic now…]).

So, I will only give you an advice: check yourselves, as far and accurately as you can, because if you rely on other people’s opinions or measurements, you may be being mislead. So, check yourselves, for a long time (at least one month or so) if you haven’t yet noticed.

I will not tell you more ‘whys’ or ‘how tos’, I will only tell you that times for dawn and sunset are going back and fro, and that is not the usual situation. There is no use in me telling you anything, it is you who have to check and measure.

And I’ll add one more advice: if you don’t start preparing people, in order for them not to be too surprised and frightened when the difference between daylight and nighttime hours get evident for everyone, people will panic, and nothing or little will be left to do. So, my advice is to start telling people what is happening: there are some minutes in the morning and in the evening varying and making the perception of their times, for everyone difficult since there are at least eight minutes of time ranging and those are two degrees of inclination difference, for sunrise and sunset.

If nobody says so, it will be much worse, because in addition to panic, there is indifference, ignorance, and fear about changing things on our own, and if nobody but me says nothing it will not take too much time before temperatures on Earth become unbearable for every human being in the world.

Update 27 June

Si miráis ahora desde las ventanas veréis cómo se está moviendo la Osa Menor, con los movimientos de precesión y nutación mucho más percetiblemente.


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