Bad News

Bad News

Some time ago I wrote a ‘Good news’ series of posts in an effort of optimism. Optimism can lead to catastrophe, and now, this is the real situation (sorry, it is not my fault, I have been trying to warn you since almost two years ago): catastrophe.

I have spent some months observing how the Sun, the temperature, and the shadow of the Sun moves. To me it is clear. We should be traversing the phase of the Earth’s orbit which corresponds to solstice summer, here in the north hemisphere, and winter, in the south hemisphere.

If it was so (I’ll refer only to north hemisphere that is where I live), days should still be growing longer, but I have checked today the Sun set three minutes earlier that yesterday. If you are not astronomers, you will not be too much worried, but let me tell you one fact: the normal situation would be the Sun setting twenty seconds earlier than yesterday, whereas what happened today is that it set 180 seconds after the time it set yesterday.

This means we are not approaching to summer solstice, but getting further from it, on the one hand, on the other hand this means the Earth is revolving around the Sun near to nine times as fast as it should be doing right now. You may think I am wrong, but no, I am not wrong, unfortunately it is so, and now the only thing we humans, as a species on this planet, can do is trying to mend the situation, or at least try not to make it go worse than it is going right now.

But, honestly, being above the forties, I have little (indeed no) hope in people and institutions coordinating efforts in order to get this planet into its orbit, and am much more inclined to think that if there is no change in human action upon the energy distribution all along the Earth, the Earth will resist very little time into its path around the Sun.

Remember: today it is June the 20th, solstice would have to be the 23rd, in three days time from now (well, yesterday, because now is early morning of 21st), solstice would have to take place. I’ll repeat: SOLSTICE would have to take place the 23rd, and it has already happened.

Take it easy, and do something more than singing carols along with me!

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