Use my categories and tags here in this blog (beware of mistakes)

Use my categories and tags here in this blog (beware of mistakes)

It is likely that now you are starting to be a bit worried because now, if you are looking yourselves with your own eyes and means of measurement instead of relying in widgets, apps, automations and so on… you are already starting to notice days have started to grow shorter a few days ago, when the usual situation would be that days were still growing longer until summer solstice next June the 23rd (we are now in June the 16th).

I have been thinking about what is happening regarding this and other physical and chemical effects of the legal, economical, industrial way of doing things that has been, and still is, developing since the fifties last century, and have explained a lot of things about this.

If you have any doubts or questions, call me on the phone (better than my email address which I check every so often because I don’t have alerts on anything, being me who has to log in to see if there is any change, and not a constantly connected app who warns me), that is why I put it visible for everybody in my profile, to make it available for anyone who wishes to make any questions or observations.

I have noticed something has started to go wrong a year and a half ago, thought about it and made my own observations and measurements. I wrote a lot of articles (near 300 right now) most of them in English, and others in Spanish (which is my native speaker language), and in Italian also (io posso parlare in italiano abbastanza bene ma mi mancano parole 🙂 ).

To you is something new, whereas I am singing carols and oldies from long ago, waiting for you either to sing along with me (for all people who can do little or nothing about it, as is my case) or to do something about it in order to pass my informations to somebody else who may check and try to fix it, it is going to take quite a long time, I saved the world a year and a half, because my analysis on the situation is already done and written, now somebody should check and start and/or stop doing something about our little planet, so don’t be surprised if I start my summer holidays and write a little less often, because whereas to you is something new, to me is something I already thought and wrote about, besides my tranquil way of being and living my life.

Have a nice day!

[This is related also because of the same planetary movements and Kepler Laws which I have written something about already, so I will only add this:
The stronger the attractive force of any type, the faster the planet, or any other object swirling around goes, because if it were otherwise, the objects would impact one another (and remember, the further the object revolving around another object the bigger its velocity is because of Kepler’s laws of planetary movement).]
(Blue moon)

For questions, doubts or comments, use this blog, my email address, or my telephone number (mobile without Internet data connection, remember I am Spanish and live in Spain, Europe).

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