Mercator Distorted Projection of Pangea Reunited

Mercator Distorted Projection of Pangea Reunited

I found another interesting game in the quizzes webpage I added in the widgets column:

This one:

[which by the way, makes use of this song… in its title].

If you play that quiz a blue rectangle will appear empty. By hovering over it the shapes of today’s countries appear on the blue rectangle, you have to click the shape of the country which is written in the bar above, in case you don’t know click the next-prev buttons to have another guess country scope.

It’s a good quiz, but the shapes are Mercator sized, and there are some mismatches according to my theory, which is not the general accepted one on which this map-quiz is made.

Anyway, give it a try, you will learn how it is generally accepted by geologists worldwide the Pangea continental crust redistribution and drift until today’s positions for different pieces of continental crusts in the world, a good starting point to better understanding of what I explain here.

It is a pity there is not (or at least I haven’t found it yet) a Fuller’s projection version, which would be much more near to actual dimensions for shapes like Russia or Canada.

And here is the link to the last ‘New Tectonics 2016 Revised’ series post (where there is a Fuller’s map of the world), I will not develop further, because I wrote also things about that in 2015, and because what is left is related to isotopes, datation techniques, physics and bio-chemistry, and I will comment this in later posts after finishing with the series I am writing right now in Spanish about time shift, which will take a long time to end, because I will make comments on my own annotations in my papers, for which I made some scans, and that is a lot of technical info (and I must think about olive-like examples to make it easy for everybody… 🙂 ).

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