Post-it: March the fourth 2016 (03/04/2016) – cuatro de marzo (04/03/2016):

Post-it: March the fourth 2016 (03/04/2016) – cuatro de marzo (04/03/2016):

I will start making some changes regarding my ‘Google +’ profiles, because, there are two (see note 1 below) ‘Google +’ profiles associated with me and my blog.

Note 1: This is because of the Google accounts default way of working. When you create a Gmail account, for instance, and regardless of whether you are or are not conscious of it, you are also creating all of the Google functionalities for a full developed account (there are many, so look yourselves for information on this). So, creating a Gmail account, creates also suppossedly empty accounts for YouTube, Google +, Google + Pages, Google Webmasters, Google Ads… When I started writing this blog (in May 2014) I knew much less about all of this, so the ‘Learnwareenglish’ Google + profile was populated first, and then I started using Google + as ‘María Cristina Alonso Cuervo’.

The two profiles are mine, it is me in both cases. One says ‘Learnwareenglish’, it was the first profile for ‘Google +’ and ‘YouTube’ that I used. The other says ‘María Cristina Alonso Cuervo’, this I developed later, and indeed, it is in this one where I publish some ‘Google +’ comments, if you have looked into one and not into the other, check the one you haven’t yet checked.

I will erase the ‘Learnwareenglish’ Google + profile, because I don’t publish anything there, but it is in ‘Learnwareenglish YouTube Channel’ where the majority of videos and playlists I make are uploaded.

I will give you time enough to download (you can download my (beware of other’s work links, and also of malicious actions, redirections and malware from others) any content of mine you have interest in, for free, for as long as you are not using it to make money with my work yourselves: right-click on different layout (screen) areas and read the context menu options, if there is no download option, you can download the different pages with your browsers (this is a common feature for all browsers and all sites), downloading the page(s) will add the page and a folder (this folder has the metadata necessary to load the page offline) with the page name, this way you can have my pages locally accessible in your computers without an Internet conection need (there are other ways to do this, but this is a simple way to do it).

It might be that I start re-arranging the YouTube channel, anyway I have it all backuped, and if they are not available at any time, they will be available after some time again.

Don’t panic! I will delay some weeks to start re-arranging (besides I will continue and end the ‘New Tectonics 2016 Revised’ series before I start making all this).

[If you wish to start an event, comment and make a proposal about it].

Acerca de María Cristina Alonso Cuervo

I am a teacher of English who started to write this blog in May 2014. In the column on the right I included some useful links and widgets Italian is another section of my blog which I called 'Cornice Italiana'. There are various tags and categories you can pick from. I also paint, compose, and play music, I always liked science, nature, arts, language... and other subjects which you can come across while reading my posts. Best regards.
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