New Tectonics 2016 Revised (I)

New Tectonics 2016 Revised (I)

New Tectonics 2016 Revised (I) is the first of this new series in which I will explain better and continue exposing some concepts I only outlined last year, and some in a very hurried way to make them short and easy to see.

As easy as this one post in which I’ll include an image I uploaded last year, and three images more.

This is one of those three new images. In it you can see coasts of Iceland and Greenland, I wrote a post in Spanish last year, whose most important text I’ll include below.

Just read the texts into the rectangles.

mapa 2

mapa 2

This below is an image I uploaded last year. The black line I put on adhesive tape is joining those two pieces of continental crust.

In an almost perpendicular  axis along this black line, Greenland turned, just as a page turns while reading a book, and not by sliding gently and homogeneously ‘on the mantle table’.

The Earth, despite all Ph doctors at the different universities of the world, was much smaller than it is now, iron begun to decay rapidly ejecting the Moon and releasing overheat, thus CO2 concentrations decreased in the process, both because almost all life on the planet disappeared, and also because of a massive burning atmosphere while this happened.

In other words, it was the overheat (coming that time, thousands of years ago, from iron’s rapid decay into other elements) releasing, what made carbon dioxide low its concentration levels (which is what scientists observed on seafood shells, algae, and other organisms along with marine isotope stage analysis: MIS, in sediments), and not the other way around, which is what benefits the carbon emission policies, but is not as they say.

Who knows… might be that they  are convinced it was the way they are currently showcasing, but if it is so… be prepared to sing carols all along with me or other singeresses  | singers, of your choice… in order not to finish the sentence…

‘La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa…’


(I’ll be re-reading and re-writing all these)

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mapa 1

mapa 1

Next two images are for those separate areas, one in Greenland, the other in Iceland, passing the turn axis along Nanortalik, going up and down.

West Fiords Iceland

West Fiords Iceland

Umanak Fiord Greenland

Umanak Fiord Greenland

And this is all for now.

Happy Christmas!

(I know, I know, la, la, la, la…).

mac latha

silent night

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