Time Distortion Estimations (II)

Time Distortion Estimations (II)

I have been making more observations, because of the date, I’ll tell you my findings.

The night from 21st to 22nd positions for P pos, and ? Pos in the drawing, which I called, 0 and 3 respectively in the previous post, moved one step left, so they are more on the left, as viewed from my window, than they were before.

These positions I told you I checked with Polaris star in the night-sky, when it is not cloudy, making it coincide with my windows frame and a building in front from my point of view. So Polaris Position (P Pos) is now on the right margin of the brown decorative stripe in the building between the two windows (look for the image in the previous post if you don’t know what I am writing about, and open it in a separate window).

In addition to this, this morning, early, at 03:58 +- one minute Spanish reference time (UTC + 1), I saw how it moved from one position to the other.

I made two snapshots with Stellarium programme, they are separated 15 clock-minutes in time, in one of them you can see the two reference grids, orange and blue aligned perfectly.





I think, the alignment should have occurred when I saw Polaris some minutes before simultaneously for some instants, and with one eye closed, at 3:58 a.m. 24th December 2015 (<- this morning, some hours earlier I published this post, it is now 9:35 a.m.).

Today you can observe true mid-day (at least you should), because it is one of the four dates in a year when average and true mid-day coincide.

I have told in italian about one in Roma, and now I have just uploaded this video about another one in Bolonia, ma anche in italiano.


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