Time distortion estimations

Time distortion estimations

REMEMBER: I AM NOT an astrophysicist, and, it has been happening from long ago in any case, so: take it easy, let the Earth travell alone, and see if you can do something sensible about all this.

In ‘Time Shift’ posts I told you some approximate values for my observations.

These posts are :

Time Shift (I), Time Shift (IV), and Time Shift (V), which I wrote respectively in:

Dec 7, 2015 7:40 AM, Dec 10, 2015 7:13 AM, and Dec 10, 2015 9:02 PM (Europe, Madrid)

So, December the 7th, December the 10th, and also December the 10th, for those approximate distorted time values, which I will tell you in this post in a much more accurate estimation, and how to calculate those distorted values yourselves.

(Because those calculi should be revised and peer-checked by people who have more accurate ways to measure them, and, believe it or not… I do not wish to make many calculi…, besides, explaining further on this would be repeating what I already told, and I want to go on with the iron-56 allotropes post (which will appear the first in the blog’s feed, when I finish correcting that post’s draft, by changing the date after I delete the DRAFT word with which I started its title).

According to my current observations (read also the first part of this post which is in square brackets while I go on writing this), today December the 20th, might be somewhere between February the 5th and February the 8th.

According to my home-made observations, this year 2015 in:

Dec the 7th, should be Dec 27th to 29th, in a distorted year date .

Dec the 10th, should be Jan 5th to 7th, in a distorted year date.

Dec the 19th, should be Feb 3rd to 6th, in a distorted year date (see note below).

NOTE: Dec the 19th is the date for the update in square brackets of the post above.

So, today

Dec the 20th (let’s see what happens at dawn and how much it lasts and what time day starts),  might be somewhere between February the 5th and February the 8th.

It is an easy calculus to make: each distorted month takes nine average Joe’s days.

I said before: Earth and Earth’s nucleus rotate at different velocities, if you know little on this you might think I am wrong, but think twice, the mantle is a plastic material, Earth is not a perfect ideal solid sphere, this is why it has some of its tectonic and geologic features, which has always had.

Do you think it is better not knowing and thus go on making the wrong decisions?

Remember, the only difference is now you know how to understand what is happening, but it has been happening for years, so, be calm.

Happy Christmas!

(Read this comment in Spanish on nanotechnology which I did so, in order not to feed it first today).


Today (Dec 20th) there are more clouds than yesterday. At 7:46 a.m. birds started singing, but the sky seems not to have as much light as it did yesterday, so, let’s see what happens at 8:04 a.m.  and at 8:15 (I’ll tell you afterwards).

From my observations made other cloudy days as today is here in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain, Europe, I noticed there are four or five minutes in perception of daylight arrival between sunny and cloudy days.

Now is 25 past 8 in the morning (8:25 a.m.), anyway much more earlier (27 minutes) than the
8:52 a.m. value for the ‘Ort’ in the Astronomical Observatory.

You should better open the window and check it yourselves.

Clearly day at 8:38 a.m.

Today night came clearly nine hours more or less after the time in the line above (remember it was cloudy at 7:46 a.m., and before 8:22 day had already arrived).

According to my observations on Polaris position change between the marks I put in the drawing I made, there are eight clock minutes approximately (I’ll call henceforward clockmins, in order to distinguish them from arc minutes, that I’ll call henceforward arcmins) of difference between these two positions when I can check the shadow of the building at mid-day.

8 clockmins are 2º arc degrees, or 120 arcmins, from one position to the other, you could think a half are 60 arcmins (1º arc degree), but the equilibrium position for the Earth’s rotation axis does not necessarily have to be in that place. I am more inclined to think it is much more likely for it to be in… think about four points: 0,1,2,3; 0, and 3 are the Polaris extremes, well, I think the equilibrium position would be that occupied by the 2, and this is consistent with my measurements [which last from 12:57 to 13:25, and 14:05 to 14: 15, if it is sunny], for which I gave you the photographs times and/or the values in Spanish time convention.

Remember I told you this drawing is approximate, because of the window frames being different in the real building of which I will put a cropped image afterwards. The marks with numbers 2, 3, 4, and the missing 5, correspond with the 0, 1, 2, and 3 points I said above, now look at the image of the building under this image, in its caption you can see the time for what I THINK might be the equilibrium position (the 2 point in the text above, or the 3 in the drawing below).



I could make my observations clearly in the 11th, 12th, and 13th (along with other separate dates) this month (December 2015), and the 12th I uploaded this image along with the complete series of photographs in the ‘Time Shift’ (VIII) post.



This value was very close in seconds (in some cases I counted the seconds, in other cases the mobile delayed a bit to shoot), and the same in clockmins: 13:11:ss the three consecutive dates, 11th, 12th, 13th.

As in Oviedo, mid-day should arrive with 23 clockmins more on the o’clock hour for mid-day: 13:00 p.m. in winter time, 14:00 p.m. in summer saving time, this means mezzogiorno (true mid-day) should have occurred at 13:23 p.m. , so it arrived with 12 clockmins (approx.) of anticipation, if that is the equilibrium position, which…

On the other hand, might be not, because Sun and Earth’s core magnetism, Earth’s atmosphere, and also their masses (though to a much small degree when far) deviate light in different ways related to its position, so many of the marks I put in the drawing could do also (because of distortion and precession).

And I will finish with this topic (at least for some weeks) telling you that according to maps, which at least here in Spain are drawn with geographical North-South neighborhood meridiane aligned with the vertical margins for the piece of paper onto which they are drawn, True North (geographical as opposed to magnetic, which is in other direction) corresponds to the 9 mark in the drawing, that’s 14:15, more or less, (with eight clockmins of anticipation then), but then we would be in summer, and not in autumn or winter, besides the map I used has a scale wich does not permit to conclude an exact value for this, being the distance from my window to the building in the map’s scale too short to do a good estimation.

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