Time Shift (II)

Time Shift (II)

‘Live’ posting style.

Unfortunately yesterday I could not see the shadows of buildings to check with my homemade references, from my window at mid-day (mezzogiorno), and visibility conditions were not good either at sunset, or today at sunrise, so, I could not see constellations with my eyes, nor shadows, nor compare fairly with the observations I already commented, but if those of you who live here, in Oviedo, Asturias, España, have woke up early and looked out of your windows, you’ll have seen it was already day, much earlier (at least clearly at 08:15, don’t panic, yesterday I put 8:27 for the hour I finished writing to that point in the post, so don’t calculate on this or yesterday’s figures) than the hour for “orto” (sunrise) in the National Observatory timetable, so, regarding this I’ll wait until conditions permit a reliable observation, and it depends on the weather conditions also, who can affect day and night arrivals perception to a great extent of time.

I’ll write other important information I introduced in this series, ‘Time Shift’,  previous post, related to West Fiords cities in Iceland, and seismicity, and I’ll provide the most important related links to my posts, if you need further explanations on something, contact me via this blog or my email address, or my telephone number (mobile, don’t forget the prefix for Spain if you call from outside), which you can see in my full profile in this site.

(Check also the ‘Good News’ series for whose first one can click here).

I’ll comment this other link for a post I wrote in December the nineth 2014 (last year), into which I put some crops I made from the available information, and I will comment something more on this last year’s post later, at the end of this one, because something was happening yesterday, and today I know what was happening was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Tajikistan, which occurred soon afterwards, according to UTC time conventions, a high tide in Greenland and the northwest of Iceland, for which I’ll include this crops, I made today early before dawn.

This image below is from this website (which is also on the widgets column on the right).

This earthquake occurred after three hours for a high tide in southeast Greenland, next to the West Fiords Region in Iceland, I put some colored lines which you can see indicating the same references in the next image (click on tabs and drag a little downwards to open in separate windows if you want to see the two images in your screens).

The time used in this website is UTC, you can see the local time for Tajikistan underscored in dark green says 12:50:07, this put as is in the info would make anyone think it is a p.m. moment into the halved 24 hours format a.m. for hours after 00:00 a.m. and before 12:00 p.m. (which ends the moment before a.m, starts, say at 23:59 p.m.), but despite being what everyone understands with this, it is not, it is instead 00:50:07 a.m. I know because I checked various sequencies in this page (and others), so, double-check yourselves regarding time conventions differences.

Tajikistan 7.2 Magnitud Earthquake 00

Tajikistan 7.2 Magnitud Earthquake 00

Tides website (also in widgets column).

In this other website they use local time for each timetable presented, so for this location, Angmagssalik (Kulusuk) in Greenland, you must subtract three hours to get to zero UTC.

Regarding this there is something IMPORTANT: synchronization pulses big hubs (one of whose pulses sequence starts at hh:52, by the way), are all fine tuned from Iceland, that is where the root synchronizer is located. In Iceland, despite being 15º west of Greenwich (in London, England), use a zero shift respect UTC, being naturally, geographically displaced by the difference in true mezzogiorno one hour. So, despite at five in the afternoon it is time for tea in both countries, it is only in Great Britain that they take tea on time, with British accuracy (cannon-proof time convention… 🙂 ), Icelanders are late for an hour, though they are accurate also, according to their own local reference time meridiane.

So, as the website for the earthquake gives the time for the event in UTC, and in Greenland they are three hours behind, three hours after the high tide in Angmagssalik, was when the earthquake occurred (and at hh:52) in Tajikistan.

Tajikistan 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake 01

Tajikistan 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake 01

Same website as … earthquake 00

This crop is for the technical data for that event (note the small vertical rectangle on the right of the crop, indicating there is a lot more information to check in the website, by scrolling down), which is not an isolated occurrence, because there is an earthquake’s series happening there, from some time ago (according to this website information).

Tajikistan 7.2 Magnitud Earthquake

Tajikistan 7.2 Magnitud Earthquake

RSOE EDIS NASA Terrametrics website (also in the column. They have been making some changes over the time, so don’t look the same, and now it’s not so comfortable to see a long list of events, because it updates itself to the first group of the split list of events every few seconds, so be quick browsing, until they discover the bug and make it more user’s choice for self-refreshing).

Global Update December the 8th 2015

Global Update December the 8th 2015

And now, excuse me, but I am tired, I’ve been thinking, reading, writing, since five o’clock in the morning, so, I will unwind a bit, and will keep updating later.

(Some hours afterwards…).

Before I start explaining last year’s post I talked about above, I will make some questions for yourselves to answer.

Do you think a chain reaction into a missile, or a nuclear power electricity generator chamber has nothing to do with the humanity intervention?

Do you think heating up 20º Centigrade (as an average value) in temperature the ocean is a small amount of energy?

Do you think tuning up | down thermometers some degrees all over the world, by puting a small fragment of code who rises | lowers temperatures locally in each thermometer all over the planet will not lead to miscalculations of big importance?

Are you learning something useful, amusing, and nice reading my posts?

If you look at last year’s images for December the 9th (2014), you will see temperatures at that date all over the area, unfortunately the webpage turned off that function months ago, so now you must search something alike in other site (the one for tides has good weather maps for different areas, and there are maps for waves height, and temperatures for the air, and the sea water).

In the second image I put some text I will write here so you can translate in the event you need it. ‘This (the blue line) is a circle, not a straight line, this is what happens with projections, see Google Maps in satellite mode’.

And I put an arrow pointing at a temperature value in Antarctica of -3º Centigrade, I’ll repeat: in Antarctica.

For the next image you can see some of the most important of the Earth’s natural (red lines) faults of movement.

I’ll write here the text of the next crop. It talks about a volcano activity in Antarctica occurred in the date you can see in the crop, 08,December, 2014.

‘The Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory (MEVO) reported yesterday that it has been active for the last 24 hours. There were 6 significant eruptions which show up nicely on the MACZ (short period single vertical component) seismometer. There is no knowing if this will continue or was just a one off. It does show that gas is accumulating somewhere at depth and migrates to the lava lake as a big bubble where it bursts explosively sending volcanic bombs shooting above the lava lake and sometimes out onto the crater rim where people may be working.’

The next two images are from this (also in the column) website very easy to use to search events on different criteria, such as magnitude, date, period of time or geographical area. Those are two events which triggered afterwards the Bardarbunga Icelandic seismic crisis, and a big earthquake in California.

The rest of the images are for the satellite mode view of Antarctica event that year, which went on for some days (search for Antarctica to see my posts about it last year).

I’ll go on with this series when observations on sunrise, noon, and sunset be better, but despite the fact that today was cloudy, I (and all of you who checked here, or anywhere making your observations respect your time references) have noticed what I told you before: days are already increasing (decreasing in the South hemisphere). And I think we are already in January, so besides rotation, there is also a shift in translation.

This, I will go on explaining, the causes and possible remedies (I have given some to fix it), in the series for ‘Kepler’s Equations of Planetary Movement’, for the sake of consistency. However, for those of you who cannot wait until tomorrow, I’ll tell you, in brief, gravity, magnetism, beta spectrum interaction and the alotropic nature for electromagnetism, heat and light on which I have already written, change one into another because of direction, so, the way a planet accelerates (I mean the why question) is because kinetic (and potential also) energy turns into magnetic acceleration and rejection, thus planets accelerate decelerate that way.

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