Time Shift (I)

Time Shift (I)

‘Live’ post style, follow the updates (December the 20th UPDATE: see the comment below, where I put a link to ‘Time distortions estimations’).

According to my papers and calculi, we are somewhere in between January the 15th and February the 15th, more or less, I’ll tune the calculon and explain in a later post (open a window and look outside and tell me I am wrong).

In case you don’t know I’ll tell you: cameras reduce the light perception (that is why big lights beams must be used in television, photograhpy, and movies sets), so the sequence of photographs, appears much more obscured than the view was for the eyes, being the difference more or less, in perception of light, the same as between first and last photographs, meaning this that, I saw the actual view from my window in the first photograph, as you can see the view in the last photograph of this sequence (so when I made the last one at 08:07, the view was much more clear and enlighted outside).


2015 December 7th 07:55:47 Oviedo, Spain, Europe


2015 December 7th 07:58:48 Oviedo, Spain, Europe


2015 December 7th 08:00:26 Oviedo, Spain, Europe


2015 December 7th 08:02:10 Oviedo, Spain, Europe


2015 December 7th 08:04:59 Oviedo, Spain, Europe


2015 December 7th 08:07:19 Oviedo, Spain, Europe

(for those of you who don’t know when day starts, I’ll tell you it is when stars stop being visible in the sky (beware of artificial satellite lights or comets, right now there is a comet approaching who might lead you to confusions).

[According to my own powers of observation… I would say (<- little Spanish joke to aleviate stress 🙂 ) it is already day, clearly to any one, now 08:27 UTC+1].

I have just noticed something wrong is happening in Iceland, while comparing one of my papers with the tide’s timetables for the Icelandic locations of: Skagastrond, Pingeyri, Saouarkrokur, Akranes, and Patreksfjorour (and maybe also Selfoss).

I’ll search (you can search also in the ‘Search’ bar on the top of the widgets column which, in case you can’t see, you’ll see from mobile devices by touching on ‘View full site’ | ‘Ver Toda la Web’) for ‘Iceland’, ‘tides’, ‘maree’, ‘Orario’, ‘Bardarbunga’, and ‘Seismicity’, Sismicidad’…

I’ll keep updating later.

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