The Book Tale

The Book Tale

Once there was a girl who spent most of her time reading, so she eventually decided to stop reading and start writing. ‘What will I write about?’, she asked herself. She thought about various possibilities: people, countries, cities, journeys, animals, plants, minerals…

And she kept browsing the various topic candidates in her mind, with her eyes fixed nowhere in the space between, because she could not decide how to start writing, or what to start with.

Then a boy passed by her side and asked her, ‘What are you looking at?’

The girl said,

Girl: – Nothing.

Boy: – Nothing?, but you are looking somewhere with your eyes open…

Girl: – Yeah, I know, but I am not really looking at anything, you know? Just staring nowhere.

Boy: – Aham, I see. And why are you staring nowhere?

Girl: – Because I want to write a book, but I don’t know what to write about, or how to start writing.

Boy: – You can write! , said the boy opening his eyes in surprise.

Girl: – Well… I don’t know, I am not sure I can write.

Boy: – You are kidding me!

Girl: – No, I am not, I really don’t know if I can write.

Boy: – But, haven’t they tought you how to write at school?

The girl looked at the boy with a hue of despair and upset in her gaze.

Girl: – Yes, they have taught me how to write at school, but I don’t mean that, I mean…

Boy: – You mean you are not sure if you can write something worthwhile reading, nor how to start.

This time the girl looked at him in surprise.

Boy: – Look, I have here some things I think will help you start.

The boy took off his backpack, opened it and picked three things wrapped in plastic bags. Took one of them and gave it to the girl.

Girl: – What is it?

The boy looked at her with a certain gaze of disappointment in his eyes.

Boy: – Come on, open it!

The girl, opened the plastic bag, and got what was inside.

Girl: – A candle!

Boy: – Yep! but take this too, he said giving her the second bag.

The girl opened it.

Girl: – A blank page book!

Boy: – Yep! but there is something more, he said while giving her the third bag.

Girl: – An eraser, and a pencil!

Boy: – Yep! and that’s all.

Girl: – And why are you giving me these things?

Boy: – Because you said you want to start writing and don’t know how to.

Girl: – The book, the pencil, and the eraser will do, but what about the candle?

Boy: – You know? I have just watched a film about secret agents and how they sometimes have to destroy things quickly, so I think if you have a lit candle by your side while writing you can burn the book fast in case you were in a hurry to destroy your stories.

Girl: – What a great idea!

Boy: – That’s what some action films are good for, to have great ideas like this.

Girl: – Hm, I think I’ll write about it, or maybe don’t, I don’t know.

Boy: – You know? I think I know what you need.

Girl: – What?

Boy: – This fully, discouraging look from me into your eyes: ‘Don’t do it.’




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