The Musician Tale

The Musician Tale

I once knew a young man who told me an amazing hard to belive story that I wish to share with the world.

This man was a musician, and he was in love with his partner, so he decided to write her some songs. He spent quite a long time deciding the words for the lyrics and the notes for the music. When he eventually had composed everything to what he thought was her taste along with his own, he recorded all that work and started to listen to his music.

While he was listening to his music his partner arrived home and started listening  too. He was smiling to her, but she was listening in astonishment and her face started to show clear signs of anger. Finally she frowned, stood up, went to the stereo and turned it off.

The musician was really worried and surprised with her reaction and said,

  • What is it now?
  • I am fed up of you wasting your time playing and listening to that crap of yours you call music.

He peacefully took the tape out of the stereo recorder, went out of home, and got into his car. Drove to a deaf and dumb society nearby and gave them his crap of composition.

  • So in the end you gave her nothing?, I asked when he told me the tale.
  • Well… I changed the tape for a ring.
  • And what did she do?
  • Oh! She didn’t wear it.

Dumb poet.

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