Good News (II)

Good News (II)

I have just made an observation from my window which confirms that the problem is being solved. Since 27th October, which is the date for the first ‘Good News’ post, have passed 7 days.

Seven days make the time for sunrise and sunset vary one minute each respectively (two minutes more or less if the dimension to measure is daylight duration) during this time of the year.

This pace seems regular now, besides there are various considerations to do regarding this observation I’ve just made.

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When I wrote the first two, was when I first noticed that something unusual was happening. I started then to make more observations I noted down in my papers, with positions and hours for those positions of stars in the night sky. I know there are some aspects of these measurements I have not yet commented on.

The observation tonight is what follows:

Casiopea and Orion were exactly in the same position they were in January the twelveth this year, but at a different time. In January 12th, the appeared there at 20:00 (Spanish time), whereas tonight it was at almost 00:00, that’s 23:55 more or less that they were in those positions.

Remember I am not an astronomer, but I think the rotation angle is being corrected also because of sun’s beams on walls and surfaces (or their shadows).

I noticed in February-March this year (2015), the sun’s light on my livingroom wall was shifted two hours and a half approximately from what should be its position. This position is its current position now in November the third. This along with the stars positions tonight a little before midnight for Casiopea and Orion, having on account that, it was in December the 23rd when I saw Polaris was moving, makes me think that provided that 27 days left to November the 30th + 23 days to December the 23rd, are fifty days which make decrease (here in the northern hemisphere, and increase in southern hemisphere) daylight duration one hour and forty minutes (50 * 2), and I observed in January 12th those positions at 20:00, for which from December the 23rd take 8 + 12 = 20 days, that are 20 * 2 = 40 minutes of increase (here and decrease in the South), there has been a correction of almost one hour, and these are the good news.

You must have on account the difference in the angle for North apparent position when measured by looking where the shadow is pointing to at 12:00 pm UTC, and North position according to Polaris at night, is due to the refraction effect change because of both, the absence of light pushing onto atmosphere, and the shape and composition of the atmosphere itself.

Unless the planet itself is doing it on its own by venting out the extra added energy with earthquakes and eruptions of volcanoes, but I don’t think so, I think the situation finally is being measured, checked, and controlled.

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