Good News

Good News

(Unexpectedly! 🙂 )

I am happy to announce that I think my efforts in transmitting my calculi might have been somehow useful for people all over the world who have eventually checked some of the quick explanations and solutions to those important events I called ‘Global Issues’  occurring currently on this planet.

  • Which one?

And I am stating this because I have observed there is a change in the Sun’s light pathway on my livingroom wall, that into which I have a big map of the world.

mapa 1

mapa 1

This one of above who is 2 meters wide.

I published a post some time ago where the Sun light’s path on the map could be seen in a photograph series from which I’ll put this. The stripe below is the Sun’s light, and it varies its position on the map in my wall as time passes.

IMG_2015  February 10 09:45:09

IMG_2015 February 10 09:45:09

This movement follows a regular basis according to the rotation (hours), and translation (dates) movements.

So, in winter the light stripe gets higher on the wall, because the Sun is lower upon the horizon and in summer it occurs the other way around. The stripe also moves rightward as the hours go passing, until it gets out of my wall.

I observed in January this year (2015), the Sun light’s stripe had disappeared more or less two hours earlier than it should have done (I wrote it down on a paper, but I don’t remember if I posted about it in these terms), and also noticed it was not where it should have been (the Sun’s light) on the floor.

Today I observed there as been an important change. I will not give the details, but the consequence is that there has been a correction on its position equivalent more or less to forty minutes.

And this is the good news…

For as long as it has effectively been corrected, because if it has not, then the meaning is different and not good. In that case the meaning is today the Sun’s light stripe on the wall was in the same position at 09:29, as it was in January the eighth this year (2015), and this would be an acceleration in translation of two months and a half more or less.

So, let’s hope the problem, this ‘Global Issue’ is being solved.

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