Global lost pathway (two)

Global lost pathway (two)

As I told you, every so often I make my own measurements and observations. In short (once again…), magnetic force is being overdriven by electromagnetic nature producing, altering and overboosting industries, such as, electricity generation, transportation, distribution and management, radio, TV, Internet,  and telephony industries.

(Well, some do notice) Nobody  seems to be aware of what broadcasting a continuous signal for mobile networks communication systems even if you have your devices switched off (including mobiles and GPSs satellites, for instance) implies as a side effect, so, if you haven’t read my previous posts on Global Issues, I think you should read them, to understand what is happening.

They might look difficult at first sight, but believe me, they are not, you only have to leave apart all those things you think you have mastered, just because you got a degree in some matter (which I didn’t, by the way, apart of English, although chances are high that those ‘mastered’ subjects have slipped out of your minds much time ago, unless you are still students with all your knowledge fresh in your minds), and read me, my full explanations, then you can check some things I state in my posts, and you can see the vast majority of what I explain is true, consistent, and complies, and if you think there is something wrong, before you definitely decide not to keep on reading my posts, saying to yourselves, ‘this is crap’, re-think, there are lots of things you have passed in your exams because YOU ONLY CONSIDERATE THE CONVENED CARTESIAN, EUCLIDEAN, ORTHONORMAL BASIS, which in nature’s most types of fields , considered as scalar or not, (almost) NEVER OCCURS (if you like Geology, think of monoclinic and triclinic systems, for instance).

Well… I did had all those values on account and that is why I didn’t pass my exams then, when I was an engineering student at the University of Oviedo, and, believe it or not, I was right then and I am right now.

If you are one of those enthusiasts who love my pizza-wise’ explanations, don’t worry for this last sentences if you don’t understand it, you don’t need it at all to understand my ‘recipes’ 🙂

I think my explanations are much more clear than the universally accepted ones, which, by the way, are not ‘universal’ at all to start with, think about graphics views systems differences if you know a lot about design.

I left aside Round Geometry for a while, because right now I am diving into programing languages and that takes time, but I will go on writing about all this when I have my own .com, which will delay for some months.

Anyway, I have already written more than 150 posts in this blog, and you have the tabs, tags, categories and ‘Search’ bar to find any info here. You must be careful with capital letters and tildes, the search bar is case-sensitive, if you search for ‘Energy’ and find nothing, then search for ‘energy’, or if you search for “energia” and find nothing, then search for “energía” (and suppose I might have misspelled some words).

You can find my explanations on any word you put in the ‘Search’ bar while I keep programming and write nothing new.

And once stated all this…

I’ll tell you once again, there is a shift because of precession, and other physical forces, but there is also an actual shift in the Earth’s orbitation path. This is why currently (september the twelfth 2015) days are growing instead of diminishing in duration, that is to say, sunrise is occurring earlier day by day, and sunset is occurring later day by day, when the natural season pace should be the other way arround.

I have been noting down on a paper for the last week, and it is so, and this is because the rotation axe is wobbling, changing the inclination constantly, and I have had the light provided by the Moon, while measuring luminosity and the color of the clouds, in mind also.

Fases de la luna - Moon phases Septiembre 2015

Fases de la luna – Moon phases Septiembre 2015

This is the time for today Orto here in Oviedo, Asturias, España.

Orto 12 septiembre 2015 luna nueva

Orto 12 septiembre 2015 luna nueva

Orto should have occurred at 7:59 h, but at 7:29 day had already started (this is 30 minutes shift in sunrise time).

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