Baby tale

Once there was a girl who did not believe anything. She did not believe her own name, nor her history, nor… nothing. You know? When you don’t believe, you don’t believe, and that’s all.

She found it hard to look at herself in the mirror. She didn’t like some features of her own face, they made her think about  people who looked alike, and she didn’t want to look like those people in any way.

But one day that girl who didn’t like her own image in the mirror, looked a bit on her side and she saw a baby standing right beside her. That baby was laughing out loud, and that baby made her laugh too. She started laughing, and the baby girl, because the baby was a girl too, opened her eyes wide in surprise, but started laughing too at once.

After all this laughter had passed, the girl went on sad on the inside, but wore a beautiful smile on the outside, because she realized then, in the middle of the laughing time she had had with the baby, that baby looked also a bit like  her, and then, every time she looked at herself in the mirror and saw something she didn’t like, she quickly remembered the face and laugh of the baby girl, and she settled down, because she really loved that baby girl, who looked a bit like herself. That way that girl started to love her own looks in the mirror.


Acerca de María Cristina Alonso Cuervo

I am a teacher of English who started to write this blog in May 2014. In the column on the right I included some useful links and widgets Italian is another section of my blog which I called 'Cornice Italiana'. There are various tags and categories you can pick from. I also paint, compose, and play music, I always liked science, nature, arts, language... and other subjects which you can come across while reading my posts. Best regards.
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