Some data from tide charts and earthquakes

Some data from tide charts and earthquakes

The two-hours lapse (is not always for the same events, I have noticed during the past year certain occurrences do not double => It is directly related to syncronizatin pulses worldwide for cloud computing, and mobile technologies) has started spreading worldwide.

I’ve been checking some data with some of the webpages I added in the links widget. I’ll try to highlight them for all of you. I think it’s better I highlight them before they make themselves loudly clear. As I have already told, I started searching information the day after the California earthquake occurred on the 23rd of August. Then I realized in Iceland the situation was not the usual thing, and later on noticed the two-hours lapse by watching carefully the exact locations’ names and timetables. Finally I checked the tide charts for different monitoring stations located in Iceland. “And why did you do?” you might be asking yourselves.

Because I always liked science and I know, and to believe that you only have to read carefully the label on any fire extinguisher you have nearby, they don’t contain water, because water becomes explosive given the certain conditions because of the release of oxygen and hydrogen that form its molecules; H2O, which separate into diatomic molecules of O2 and H2 which are both inflammable.

That is the reason why I started checking data, and I’ll tell you something more in a two-hours lapse the Earth rotates 30º  on its axis, that is the same as saying the longitude at a certain point from a non-geostationary point of view moves the same amount of degrees.

So, we all have two options (or their percentage mixture): Either it is a bad trick played by site owners, media, film, and game industries in order to launch a new app, news, film or game with an earthshaking audience worldwide or if all these data are true the thing is really serious and urgent.

On the serious and urgent side, I will filter more info in the next post, but to make it fast, I will publish this right now to tell you all the two-hours sequence has moved to Solomon Islands and Alaska and Aleutian Islands.

Be calm.

(Published  in 26 of September 2014, revised now).

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