Induced Magnetism, Beta Decay, Uniform Circular Movement, and Seismicity

Induced Magnetism, Beta Decay, Uniform Circular Movement, and Seismicity

Uniform circular movement is the type of movement that in classical dynamics describes the way an object moves describing a circumference trajectory around the center for that circular trajectory, and it is (or at least… SHOULD BE) that which the Earth describes around the Sun.

I’ll upload a hand made drawing I’ve made some minutes ago.

movimiento circular uniforme

More accurately speaking, in the case of our planet, it is not a circle, it is an ellipse, but its eccentricity (the distance between its two focuses) is not very large, so, as this is only an explanation of what is happening, and not a treaty on astrophysics, let’s consider it is a perfect circle.

uniform circular movement

uniform circular movement

I have been noticing for the last five months, sea waves and all pollutants’ ions dissolved into them, is triggering earthquakes at a regular pace: every 3.5 to 4 hours, and every time there is high tide and low tide (that’s more or less 6.25 hours, or 11.5 hours depending on intensities and specific locations), this is a natural proces that cannot be avoided, I mean the tides.

However, the magnetic force distortion induced by anthropogenic reasons can be avoided by turning of grids and antennas. This should be done at night.

At night the Earth cools naturally because of the temperature difference between night and day which is caused by sunlight or shadow. So, the planet is naturally tuned to that rhythm, but in order not no increase de thermal break (brownian movements adds energy to it all) between day and night, it should be done when in the different areas of the planet the temperature after sunset reaches its minimum. This way, the big grids turned off at that time will be balanced smoothly. And the magnetic field reaction of the Sun will not be so fast and strong as it would be if it was done during the daylight hours.

This is so because:

1st -> The part of the world which is facing the Sun continues its anthropogenic overdriven electromagnetic activity, thus turning off grids which are on the opposite side of the world (more or less three – four hours after sunset) will create a gradient that will draw electromagnetic excess to those turned off grids areas, thus subtracting magnetical draw from the part of the world which is in daylight in front of the Sun, smoothly and consequently producing an accordingly smooth reaction to magnetic force attraction decrease between the Earth and the Sun, which will be gently balanced at that instant towards the side of the world who is ‘sleeping’.

2nd -> Magnetic force lines are said to be closed and without… that… say clearly dual positive-negative nature when Newtonian central conservative fields are being considered. This is (how to put it mildly…) nonsense, oops, sorry, it slipped off my tongue 🙂 .

Well… in order to be slightly politer, I will tell you (and by ‘you’ I mean that part of the (un)scientific community who are decidely against my (non)sensible reviews, analysis, and expositions, so much that you… oops, you’re gone!).

In fact to be a bit more technical think of it in terms of divergence and rotational of magnetic field, and it works exactly the same way.

Think about it, and don’t forget to think, that night lighting of big cities, big load industrial facilities, and summing up every big amount of electrons movement is mainly done (except for night lighting) during day, and overdrives magnetic attractive forces between the Sun and the Earth, and all of it can be much more accurately quantized and explained using Feynman diagrams for beta (and gamma) decays, but I will not add stress to it all.

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