Silly facts six: Non-smart conclusions and fortes

Non-smart conclusions and fortes.

(29) Conclusions 23
I already said , I’ll repeat: CO2 becomes carbonic acid when in contact with water, no matter if water is solid, liquid or gas in other way than that for the speed for reaction, being gaseous water more reactive than other states.
CO2 is balanced with oxygen by plants given the fact that plants (green ones) produce O2 in daylight time, and they also consume O2 in nighttime, for as long as this balance is kept the more healthy for Carbon-Oxygen chemistry based organisms.
(30) Conclusions 24
This is amazing… I’ll repeat once more… Plants do produce CO2 themselves at night, I mean those which have chlorophyll, these are green coloured, they only produce O2 in daylight time, so stop telling lies.
You know? silicon, petrol oil, and gas industries are called environmentally friendly nowadays according to this… No, no, I rather not to wonder what can be thought about nuclear facilities, I suppose it would lead to thinking nuclear power is harmless non-profitable energy based on respect and love amongst and amidst all the planet’s inhabitants… This is how some people become associates to certain groups I will call non-profit, non-enemies, manifolds of amiable means of guns and no roses.
(31) Conclusions 25
Well… this is as smart as saying:
‘Since there are no imprisoned corrupted criminals in the US Congress, Cabinet or Supreme Court, these incompetent groups continue to serve americans regardless of corruption control perception index, CCPI, conclusions.’ A complete nonsense.
Earth do have its own thermostat, but anthropogenic generated waste of every type is accelerating warming globally, so let’s put it this way:
Anthropogenic CO2, and other pollutants, contribute to overdrive an existing natural mechanism for cooling an overheated planet, which has its own ways of releasing heat outside its own universe (our habitat), regardless of how many times it can be re-heated-cooled within a safe range for life and the planet itself so that it continues to exist in our little part of the universe (lately also known as multiverse).

(32) Conclusions 26
One: The fact of having or not having a degree on any subject, does not prove anything (such as having or not having a driving license does not prove you can or cannot drive cars), there are many ways of getting a degree, some study and pass their exams, some study and don’t pass their exams, some just pay to pass their exams. It should not be like that, but you know there are many old tricks like cheating or looking over somebody elses shoulder in order to take a look at other companions exams next to your desks, for instance.
I am only estating a universal truth, I don’t know any of these people he has mentioned, nor I know him, they may be only, sure about what they were taught and trying to earn some money because they are convinced of what they are saying, but if it is so, they know nothing or very little apart from their own fields of study: computer science, automation, and oil refinery processes, and very little about nature, plants, and photosynthesis, they forgot about breathing also.
Two: There are biased sources of teaching, knowledge, information, and science. These are related to economy and philosophy: the way the thought(s) of humankind as a whole has developed throughout geographical areas and eras. There are so many examples in order to let you see how many times the world has been wrong that I will give you none. Choose whatever instance that suits you.
(33) Conclusions 27
Guess: This paper has become outdated in less than a year afterwards.
Quotations are just that: quotations, repeat them as many times as you please, but using other people’s words is another old trick in order to make ideas look more reliable, anyway… let me think of one and you will see…
‘This paper will remain valid beyond 3000ad.’ … I think I forgot who said this and when…
(34) Parting shot one: T is measurable.
In fact there are various scales for temperature measurement, that’s what T stands for, being Kelvin absolute temperature scale that which defines absolute zero as zero movement for gas, and 7200 that at the core of the planet, along with this there are some other, like Centigrade, whose variations are equivalent in the interval 273.15, 373.15 for degrees Kelvin, but not equivalent at all with the amount of Roemur, or Farenheit degrees, varying these differently.
Summer-winter, latitude-longitude dependent heat reflected by the Earth’s surface (this is what this man is calling radiating intensity) averaged as a whole is an algebraic operation that has to do with maths, engineering (I mean the bad one, because, of course, there is also good engineering, though not very profitable I’m afraid…), and laboratory processes, which are those that can be more or less reliably controlled.
Intensity, this is what I stands for, is only heat coming from the sun, and yes, it is season dependent, but when left alone it is balanced, which now is not because of anthropogenic reasons.
Were radiating intensity on Earth a constant average value of 239 watts (heat) per square meter, there would not be (thermodriven) convection currents of any type, there would not be any star heating the planet, and no difference between daylight and night time temperatures, same local part of the world, same time of the year, same hour.
Either this man, an environmentalist one he claims to be, who has worked for automation thermoregulated processes in oil and computer industries in San Francisco according to himself… Either he does not know about plants breathing at night, thus consuming O2 and putting CO2 back into the atmosphere, or he is a blunt liar.
Stefan-Boltzman Radiation Law is another useful, quotating his words, ‘garbage’:

One: The Earth is not a theoretical black body, it reflects and difracts electromagnetic spectra.
I guess it was developed while deploying all this consumerism wireless and big powered electrical grids energetic (nonsense) model in order to balance heat addition, explaining it with big intricate formalisms, difficult to visualize in our minds, so that heating could be blamed on that law instead of on its real cause, and confuse everybody, or at least delay them.
Two: 5.67, that is the value of Boltzman-Stephan constant, comes from two main concepts, being the first an integration applied to disordered, non-circular, non-uniform accelerated movement of particles into any amount of gaseous materia, which does not behave like that, and the second one, giving a three value for Gibbs degrees of freedom to get the Boltzman constant.
I already explained in another post.
A phase diagram, is a planar representation of material states related to constant amount (volume), pressure and temperature.
In planar representation, any point outside a line has two degrees of freedom, thus if you have a volume (quantity) limited by three planes any region into that volume which is not on the revolution surface generated by any of the three planes’ lines has three times two, that’s two, times two, times two, eight degrees of freedom, so I think there are almost two thirds out of equations (WTF).
Even so, you can express that formula, in a much simpler way:
Temperature (K, degrees Kelvin) equals one divided by the fourth root of the amount of radiating intensity divided by Boltzman-Stephan constant, 5.67, multiplied by the emissivity of the body (the Earth in this case) all of it multiplied by one hundred.

(35) Parting shot two: This is a consequence of Boltzman constant misleading calculi.
It is true that emissivity and temperature are inversely proportional by definition: emissivity is heat getting out of bodies, thus temperature decreases, but this man is leaving out of his calculi reaction energies, both water and carbon anhydrite react producing carbonic acid and heat so … You know? Am I to calculate anything with figures provided by this man?
You lose your time.

(36) Parting shot three: Well…
I said it once, I’ll say it once more: you lose your time if you want to know the difference, and add heat of reaction to your equations: entropy= Gibbs energy + [Internal energy] + enthalpy.
‘Entropy is equally essential in predicting the extent and direction of complex chemical reactions.
For such applications, ΔS must be incorporated in an expression that includes both the system and its surroundings,
ΔSuniverse = ΔSsurroundings + ΔS system.
This expression becomes, via some steps, the Gibbs free energy equation for reactants and products in the system:
[ Internal energy, does not change,thus is considered zero, though it is not zero, but only the initial state of energy for the system, must be added to equation to calculate the real amount of temperature and heat.]                                                                                          (T stands for temperature)
ΔG [Gibbs free energy change of the system] = ΔH [enthalpy change] −T ΔS [entropy change].’
(37) Parting shot four: Greenhouse gas theory is not theory anymore.
We are now experiencing all of these garbage and waste that has been thrown all over the planet. – Which one?
– …
0 degrees C = 273,15 Kelvin = 32 degrees Farenheit.(distilled water freezing point).
-18,3 degrees C = 254.85 Kelvin = -0.94 Farenheit.
-28.3 degrees C = 244.85 Kelvin = -18.94 Farenheit (seawater freezing point temperature).
0 Kelvin absolute temperature = – 273.15 degrees Centigrade.

This is the amusing ‘what thermal for’ (WTF?) effect:  watt(thermal) / watt (electrical) Rankin theoretical cycle… in addition to the much more amusing zero Kelvin absolute temperature regarded to as zero degrees Centigrade temperature for engineering and in nuclear facilities, along with the amidst Farenheit temperature scale.

And I am putting it really mildly…

‘And the rest is history.’

Bolt definition, not to be confused with Bolt-zman constant.

lightning bolt n (electrical flash) rayo nm

lightning bolt n (flash of lightning) relámpago nm

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