Tidal earthquakes – actualización mareosismosa

Tidal earthquakes – actualización mareosismosa

You check these links, one in English, the other in Spanish.

Mirar estos enlaces uno en inglés y el otro en español.

What I would do is turn off first in areas when it is night-time say three hours after sunset in each place, starting with the higher in intensity, frequency, and other high transport required values, and end with the most feeble.

So, if it were to be done right now,  West Coast of North America now, right now, then an hour and a half later in eastern Australia, and then Japan and the rest of East Coast of Asia, and go on turning them off all over the world: rest of AsiaAfrica, and Europe, and finally South America, this way: three hours or so after sunset, starting with highest values and in West North America.

If we do not do it this (or some other) way, the Earth will do it itself in a blow.

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