Silly facts five

Silly facts five

I’ll make a summary of the rest of the lecture, just for the sake of helping all of you to understand all the dialectical tactics of anyone, not only this man who’s given this lecture, can do to all of us, the world, when improperly used to convince unaware people, when being used in supposedly unbiased, non-profitable, platforms or institutions.

You know? When people assist to conferences, they usually don’t take their calculators to check every datum presented by the lecturers (even though they will have a calculator widget in their smartphones), they listen more or less attentive (if not fallen asleep after a meal, or a previous day of hard work, for instance), and usually people trust others which are supposed to have been widely foolproven by institutions such as universities, scientific grounds, governments, or foundations widely known, reputed, and respected all over the world. Besides there is a common substrate of widely accepted ideas, even though they may be wrong, but as everyone accept them, as long as they don’t prove themselves as a failure, they stick to people’s minds. And this is something every seller, journalist, or advertisement professional knows well, and this is the sort of tactics this man has been using to convince whoever he wanted to convince in order to get support for his non-profit cause…

(19) Science ten.

Obviously, if you rewind the lecture to the point (at the start, that is the time anyone is more attentive to what any speaker says) when he gives the first figures about mankind added proportions of CO2 and listen again, you will notice he is contradicting his own figures.

(20) Science eleven, twelve, engineering thirteen.

Sea level has changed amazingly fast for the last five years, and more amazingly and fast over the past seven months.
Solid water, this is what ice is, no matter if on any land or floating into liquid water, when molten, diminishes its volume. That is to say… in case you do not know, the air space in any bottle of liquid is there for that reason, were bottles filled up to the cap, they would break when frozen, maybe you do not know, or you do not believe, but this is as simple to check as this: fill a bottle to the cap with water (soda or juice). Close the bottle. Put it into another recipient in order not to dirty your freezers. Put all of it into the freezer. The next day you will see the bottle broken because when freezing its volume exceeds that of the bottle.
When molten, solid water has less volume, hence more density, hence the Earth’s mass distribution changes, just as a roller skater swirls faster by putting their arms to their body, hence swirling much faster, this on the one hand. Any laboratory assistant knows (or at least should know, you never know, you know?) ALMOST EVERY chemical reaction being the object for analysis velocity increases with angular acceleration (which is a vector not a scalar, and this is the big problem). Thus, besides the heat unbalance due to ice anywhere naturally interacting thermodynamically with its surroundings, there is also a dynamics effect.

On the other hand, and just to let you check yourselves, fill a glass with three or four ice cubes, complete to the point the ice cubes are all floating, put some mark on the glass where the level of liquid is, then… if you have a safe cage put the glass into it, if you don’t watch thoroughly how the ice melts at room temperature and check where the level of liquid is after all the ice has molten, and be sure anybody has not spilled or drunk from it. You will see the level has decreased. Anyway, even though decreasing, when we talk about very large masses of the Earth’s ice, besides the thermodynamic and dynamic effects, there are some more to have on account, such as dissoluted frozen substances into it millions of years ago… or the sea running out of ice to refrigerate itself, hence becoming much more heated, and some chemical consequences such as acids plus bases resulting in salts plus water (and releasing heat in the process).
The total balance on average of ice decrease and increase because of seasonal sequence results in ice loss every year since two or three decades ago. And this year I am afraid you cannot hide or deny it anymore.
Given the fact that Earth is not a black body, despite the efforts of some to model it that way, there is no way to safely model anything related to electromagnetic (including heat into it) energy, but… you know? there are always people everywhere trying to, and some of them even have got a Ph D, so the consequence is related to (though dialectically not necessarily caused by…) CO2 generated carbonic acid, carbonic acid is forming a layer all above the planet because of thermodynamics, you know? Sort of a bedspread to keep it warm. And on top of it all, pipelines digging, big industries remotion of big quantities of earth, rocks; mining, road or railways tunneling, channeling, wells drilling, fracking, nuclear generators, electric grids, any type of radioelectric- electromagnetic wave emitting specially those at high voltages, intensities and | or frequencies are, besides heating up, modifying electromagnetic field on this planet.
– Which one?
– The Earth…
Yeah, I don’t like it either, but it is so.
(21) Engineering fourteen.

In fact it can be measured, but let me tell you something.
The average dude knows temperature distribution is considered constant in some processes, which is not exactly true, but suppose it is so… In laboratory – factory calculations can be considered constant, though there are actual microdegree differences between the different spaces. Extrapolating this on the Earth, gives a theoretical constant temperature value for the entire planet, and it seems it is what is finally getting into.
(22) Engineering fifteen.
Thermostats in electric appliances consist of two materials with two different expansion – retraction coefficients. Being put together the shape of the physically thermodynamic sensitive part of thermostats (usually a rod or a disk) changes, thus interrupting (modifying) the electricity circulation into the circuit.
By the way, if you want to try to control something, I told you months ago in other posts, go to Antarctica and filter out salts in order to aid the water there, in that geographically despicable part of our world (- ? – …), to be below freezing point for still water (that’s zero degrees Centigrade), and then take it out and put it on the surface, either this or put a sci-fi freezer there to lower temperature below -28 degrees centigrade | Celsius…
And also, let still water get into the more hot points on Earth, by doing this you will lower evaporation temperature which is directly related (despite all dialectical tactics) to its salinity.
And turn of electricity generators, waves of any kind, and grids, all but those which are essential for all of us, this will stop modifying magnetic field in the first place, but do this both carefully, and gradually in order to prepare people, give the appropriate instructions, and most important, not to provoke an electromagnetic unbalance all over the world in one blow.
(23) Engineering sixteen.
Nuclear power is not necessary at all, given the fact that it is as you all are now regretting, extremely dangerous in the first place, and because there are other sources of energy, which are now loudly announcing and advertising themselves.
(24) Ethics seventeen.
I can say something about this… This man is not an anthropologist…
(25) Ethics eighteen.
Wasting natural sources of energy is bad, man. Payment for common services and equipment is something that has to be so, or will you pay for it?
(26) Ethics twenty.
This is the amusing division between thermal and electrical megawatts… I wonder which great engineers (among others) have approached maximum economic efficiency for themselves since then…
(27) Ethics twenty-one.
… Are you telling me?
(28) Ethics twenty-two.
CO2, electricity generation via fossil fuels, nuclear (I know, it is a fossil fuel, but you never know what others know or ignore…), and in general any technology which adds heat, reactivity, chemicals, and pollutants is endangering the Earth, which has already started to shake humanity off its land. So you should better be trying to help global gradual controlled cooling, right now, and start turning off any heat-adder devices and technologies.

The rest of the lecture, more or less nine minutes more, I will comment in next post whose title will be ‘Non-smart conclusions and fortes’.

And now, I will give you another piece of important information, I will make some better design, but for now, and for the sake of quickness and geology enlightenment, be happy with this.

silly world

silly world

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