Our natural planet Earth’s geodynamic-electromagnetic circuitry

Our natural planet Earth’s geodynamic-electromagnetic circuitry

Wikipedia excerpt,

‘A circumpolar star is a star that, as viewed from a given latitude on Earth, never sets (that is, never disappears below the horizon), due to its proximity to one of the celestial poles. Circumpolar stars are therefore visible from said location toward nearest pole for the entire night on every night of the year (and would be continuously visible throughout the day too, were they not overwhelmed by the Sun’s glare).

All circumpolar stars are within the circumpolar circle. This was in fact the original meaning of “Arctic Circle”, before the current geographical meaning, meaning “Circle of the Bears” (Ursa Major, the Great Bear; and Ursa Minor, the Little Bear), from Greek αρκτικός (arktikos), “near the Bear”, from the word άρκτος (arktos) bear…

…The north celestial pole is located very close to the Pole star (Polaris or North Star), so, from the northern hemisphere all circumpolar stars appear to rotate around Polaris. Polaris itself remains almost stationary, always at the north (i.e., the azimuth is 0°), and always at the same altitude (angle from the horizon), equal to the latitude of the point of observation on Earth. A star that can be viewed from specific latitude on Earth that is visible for an entire night and for every night of the year is called a circumpolar star. It is also continuously in the sky throughout the day; however, it is not that visible because of the glare of the sun. This is because they are near to one of the celestial poles

Some stars within the far northern constellations, such as Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor, roughly north of the Tropic of Cancer (+23½°), will be circumpolar stars that never rise or set’.

Wikipedia article.

true north pole circular paths of stars

true north pole circular paths of stars

So, I think given the fact that my location is

Latitud y longitud: 43 21 48, - 5 50 32

, much greater than Tropic of Cancer (+23½°), the Earth is changing or at least preceding and nutating a bit out of its normal geodynamic behaviour, because I (and all of you who have followed my indication as to take a fixed on Earth vertical and horizontal reference to be able to compare how constellations are moving) have observed how

[December the 29th update: It is not Polaris, it is what would be the alike star in Ursa Major what disappears, and that is not so big a movement as it seemed when I mistook it with…]

Polaris disappears,

 [but even though, it is still]

and this is

a global emergency.

[Though not so perilous as would be the case if it was Polaris.

Because, the Earth is rotating and translating slightly out of what would be the normal situation,and that is why, climate is so strange since four or five years ago. For the posts where you find references to Polaris, or Ursa Minor, beware that fortunately, it is not, I explained already in another posts, this year].

Well… it is not nice, but somebody has to try to give some good based knowledge in order to understand what is happening and try to give a solution to this, eccentric Earth’s rotation axis trajectory problem.

A capacitor aka. (also known as) inductor [“condensador en español”, funciona invirtiendo el sentido de circulación de los electrones en un circuito], works changing the sense of circulation of the electrons into an electric/electronic/geodynamic circuit.

Think of a parking which only lets cars go into it and no car can get out of it until all the places of the parking are occupied by cars, then is when cars start to go outside, thus inverting the sense of cars circulation from inwards into outwards. Capacitors (whose units are farads) work that way.

[Or even more easy, take an empty bottle, put it under the tap, see the water jet while refilling it, and observe how the jet of water changes its direction when the bottle is full].

Now think of plate tectonics and electromagnetic active minerals, ores, veins, and core. You got it? What is happening? [The plates of the Earth are overcharged of everything]. What to do?

Zero, take care, do gradually, calculate it as accurately as possible and without the intervention (or with as less intervention) of automatic controllers.

First, stop overheating by turning off electric grids and antennas, ALL OF THEM, other than those that are not civil ones.

Second, try to break the ‘dielectric’ material between plates in a gradual controlled way, so that they get balanced electromagnetically smoothly.

  • What if we do nothing?
  • Oh, don’t worry, the Earth knows well how to vent out its geodynamics.

condensadores cansinos uno

condensadores cansinos trescondensadores cansinos doscondensadores cansinos cuatro



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