Collaborative Societies, Economies, Industries, and Technologies model

Collaborative Societies, Economies, Industries, and Technologies model

Collaborative Societies, Economies, Industries, and Technologies model.

By working together, instead of competing, to develop the Earth’s societies in all countries, a much more efficient energetic, industrial and technological model can be set. I will try to explain how to do this, for which people who may take decisions must act the most quickly as possible in order to tackle the environmental one big problem that I will call… a rare one.

Given the fact that ‘our’ economy is widely based on Uranium, oil, and gas industries, and all their side products, I will give first a solution for a big amount of people whose works and incomes depend on all these fossil fuels.

Oil and gas industries and technologies are good for drilling, they have developed technological solutions in order to do this with a relatively acceptable degree of efficiency and security (I said relatively, have you noticed?).

What they can do is concentrate heavy industries and some light industries, such as food industry, electronic industry, furniture industry… facilities so that the most power demanding factories are near the wells, and by near I mean next to, in an industrial area relatively far from cities, that is where most big energy generation facilities are.

The only thing they must do is change the refineries, not all, because in some cases there is a need for fuels in order to feed cars engines. Modify the refineries and wells to make them useful for geothermal electricity generation plants. Instead of Dysprosium, Holmium, and Neodymium and other elements alloys control rods for nuclear facilities, the only thing needed to transform oil industry in geothermal is to put metal alloys, the same used to make high voltage cables, into the bores of wells, spreading to a sheet in the surface, naturally heated by the Earth’s inner heat with which to warm up water to drive turbines to generate electricity consumed by the next to wells industrial facilities of the highest electricity demand factories.

Remember: many and pico to small power generation plants not enhanced by injected water which provokes bedrock fractures because of explosions driven by hydrogen in the water molecules which become explosive at high temperatures, and temperature difference between natural colder bedrock in the vicinities of the enhanced hotter bedrock in the generation plant subsoil. Besides, the deeper you drill the hotter the bedrock is naturally and without any need for a water injection system. So, drill deeper and conduct heat by filling the bores with metal alloys that lead them to the surface. This is much safer than the currently operating energy generation model.

Regarding refineries, they could be used to get fuels from grains or grass, this is much more sensible and secure than drilling the bottom of the ocean or continental crusts, because plants do not explode accidentally as natural gas and oil deposits do, they can be grown in the fields, and then turned into alcohol or biodiesel, for instance, being this also pollutants, but with a much minor impact when compared to other type of fuels which are being artificially extracted from the subsoil, with all the risks, oil and gas industries technicians know much better than I do.

Fuels obtained through the refinement of vegetable sources would be a good solution when there are no other ways of getting readily portable sources of energy, besides they eliminate the risk of leakage during transportation. And you can crop grains and plants even in the deserts, where there are millions of square meters in which you can create a controlled microclimate to grow plants. Israelites know a lot of these methods for growing plants in the desert.

However, crops would have to be let to develop in their natural pace, it is not good to alter the salt / chemicals concentrations in soils of any kind, and maybe there would be a need to establish which kind of vegetables (maybe trees or bushes would do) to use in order not to boost up their prices creating an increase in all their derivatives all over the world, potatoes would worth the earth!!!!

There is also a good power source; the sun, but in an extensive way of generation model. This means no solar farms at all, but instead solar panels on the roof of our buildings, and truck batteries in the basements, besides the natural thermal heat produced by the sun when hitting any surface, being this surface filled with water, we would have heating without fossil fuel, and more if the surface is painted in black, which is the sum of all colors, thus absorbing more heat than white, which is the reflection.

Maybe solar panels boosted by lenses in the roofs of our vehicles would be more than enough to make short distances, temperature inside a car parked in the sun for half an hour reaches 70 degrees Celsius / 343 degrees Kelvin / 158 degrees Farenheit, and maybe solar panels in what today are petrol stations would be ubiquitous enough to make even longer distances in most cases, being left the biofueled engines only for certain types of vehicles which have to give a bigger and readily response, such as ambulances, police vehicles, certain types of transports and so on, being in all cases vehicles necessary for all the community and not only for personal use.

Vehicles and electronics must vary their income model from factoring only, to repairing also. It makes no sense factoring say twenty thousand million vehicles, electric appliances, mobiles, or computers, bearing in mind there are much less population in the world. It is much more sensible factoring the whole goods only once and the replacement parts as much as they are needed, this would generate much less waste of everything, and there would not be the problem I said before.

– Which one?
– I don’t know, I forgot.
– The rare problem?
– Oh, yes, thanks.
– And the nuclear plants?
– D’you mean potatoes?
– No.

I mean the nuclear power generation plants. Those that are experiencing unexpected malfunctioning episodes in these late days. They can reinvent themselves as say Geothermonium ones, by the same means I explained above.

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