I will try to explain in simple terms how waveforms behave.

You can think of any waveform as the waves of the sea on a beach, but that idea is not useful but to give you the notion of amplitude. The amplitude of a waveform of any kind is the height of the waveform upon the surface of the sand beach (water table in technical words) when the sea is completely tranquil and flat as a crystal pane, compared to the height of the waveform when the sea is roaring overwhelmed furious against the coastline (that would be the maximum amplitude).

So, the amplitude of a waveform of any kind is the height of the wave over a certain level into which its height is ZERO.

Now you know what is the amplitude physically speaking, there is another idea you must have to understand how waveforms work, length. The length of a waveform is the horizontal distance between to points which have the same height on the surface of the water. It is represented with the Greek letter lambda, as I don’t speak Greek, I will write it as an L.

In the picture below you can see a girl moving her hand up and down. Although the girl is standing on the same place, by moving the hand up and down makes the string wave towards the tree. Each point of the string moves up and down according to the movement of the girl’s hand, which you can see on the drawing as the two arrows pointing in opposite directions vertically.  If you put some corks on the surface of any mass of water and wave your hand inside the fluid you will see how the corks move rhythmically according to the movement.

waving string

waving string

Imagine you are in front of a lake or a swimming pool, the surface of the water totally still, now plunge something inside it. What happens? you will see circles spreading more or less homogeneously all over the surface of the water.

Now think of two children waving two separate strings the same way as above, you would have the same movement all along the two strings, but (unless they were exactly synchronized) the up and down movement in the strings would be shifted from one another.

shifted waveforms

shifted waveforms

When instead of a string it is water, or air, or a cloud, or even in space, the waves going out from a certain point towards another have a result that is the effect of having those waves transmitting movement through the medium, be it whatever it be. Below you have a representation of two waveforms on a paper whose effects are drawn at the bottom of the paper (two dimensions).

waveforms interaction result

waveforms interaction result

Just think of two children throwing stones into the surface of a lake, the circles are not circles anymore, but the result of their spreading and shocking one into another. If you consider the green line above as the surface of the water, the two kids would be dropping stones into the same point but at different lapses of time, so whether the waves add or cancel each other depends on the rhythm, not on the position, in this particular case.

Every waveform has certain distances at which its own amplitude amplifies, that is the same as saying it makes itself higher in height, below you have a representation of NATURAL AMPLIFIERS FOR ANY KIND OF WAVEFORM.

waveforms harmonic resonance

waveforms harmonic resonance

This is why waveforms are susceptible of being amplified, because of their own ‘native’ behaviour. Waveforms usually do not have a fixed amplitude, frequency, or length, they have their own, that ‘we’ humans modify in order to make them usable.

waving particle

waving particle

In the above picture you can see the representation of an electro-magnetic waveform.

To develop various devices which have been developed industrially over the past two centuries, industries and investors have considered certain aspects they were interested into, while leaving aside other aspects which have never been well understood in what regards with their ‘whys’ as long as they could get profitable ‘how tos’. ‘How tos’ which are profitable because ‘we’ people decide to benefit from all the so well advertised characteristics of the inventions.

So, despite not knowing the intricate nature of some forces themselves, ‘we’ have been using them for two hundred years or more, and I don’t know exactly, but estimate the world’s population may have ten folded itself in that time (and I am not talking of humans exclusively, remember potatoes do exist also).

And this is when uncommon sense comes to the rescue of the planet… uncommon sense? Uh? Oh!

Logic! Logic is one of that words that one expects to be coherent, but no, it is not.

Mathematical logic has all, but intuitive logic, as any normal human being would understand the word. I don’t want to turn you all crazy, so I will explain only a bit.

Let’s start with a simple example, analog to digital sound, planar on paper represented soundwaves, for which you can use various formats of analogical to digital logical representation.

logical digitalization of soundwaves

logical digitization of soundwaves

In the above image, let’s say you see a portion of the string moving up and down while being waved by the hand of a child. If you look carefully on the left part of the page you will see a column of numbers ranging from zero to fifteen. That is to say, 15 + 1 = 16 possible values for the amplitude of the waveform, sound in this case. The reason to start the first value with a zero is to be coherent with the geometrical representation in mathematics and geometry, but don’t worry about that, that is called index in computer science, but it is in reality referring to a position, which in computer science is each step you can see in this drawing. Just remember ‘zero’ does not mean zero force at all. I will not explain the binary base system, which is what computers use, binary is a useful way to translate our familiar numbers in base ten into ‘zeroes’ and ‘ones’. With this translation and some additional binary numbers (which can be considered as the paper onto which you are to draw your waveforms), there is a way to write as zeroes and ones everything you have to write in order to make computers work.

Waveforms in any medium have three Euclidean dimensions. You can see it as a pack of pages into which you can draw the movement of the particles being waved, or just think about a lake which being hit by an object transmits the circles (vibrations) as the shells of an onion made of water. Below you have a representation of a waveform in three dimensions.

three dimensional waveform propagation and decay

three dimensional waveform propagation and decay

In order to simplify the translation of a natural wave into a digital logical algorithm, the circuitry of the computers, be it whatever it be their, size has to use electricity to work, and the logical representations are called logical gates. They use symbols in technical designs that don’t give an intuitive idea of the electricity and magnetical forces running through them, but instead they give the mathematical logical output necessary to calculate the algorithms.

So the CONVENTION is, whenever the string in the hand of the child is at the point where its height above the horizontal (the x axis) is zero, we turn it into a one, and whenever it is at ANY OTHER VALUE we turn it into a zero. This is made so, because it is much more easy and quick to calculate if the particle being moved by the waveform is into a straight line (axis), than calculating if it is at every other point in space which is not into that straight line. And this operation, a physical translation from electricity values into magnetic values induced by that electricity is made by the NOT logical gate, for which you have an electronic representation below.

not gate circuit

not gate circuit

Nowadays NPN junctions have evolved to be understood and called as a mnemonics, not pointing device, this is a lie, their primal and true meaning is negative, positive, negative, being the arrow pointing the real direction of electrons flow. In fact, light emitter diodes, more popularly know as LEDs use the same arrow to indicate the direction of photons going out of the diode.

This is why, protons and electrons ‘changed’ their flow directions and even electricians do not know what to think about it. Protons do not move, (unless they are considered as contained by positive unbalanced atoms: positive ions),  and neither do neutrons. That is why electricity produces heat into ANY MEDIUM it passes through, electrons shock with other particles producing HEAT.

There is also a convention for networks of telephony and wireless, remember, and do not ever forget again, waveforms are real regardless of mathematical, logical, legal, or other considerations, and as real entities with their natural properties, have their effects, physical effects.

digital telephony conventions

digital telephony conventions

The result of all this logical, mobile, wireless implementations is, the whole world is going through a natural environmental problem which can be measured from many satellites, marine, and terrestrial stations which indicate, either ‘we’ do something right now about it, or it is not too much time left for life upon this planet to change drastically in the way we know it now.

I will do all of us a favour and will tell you something: neodymium nanotechs magnets, are currently floating wavily and peacefully all over the planet, and they are very strong and persistent in their magnetic nature. You only have to check monacite, xenoliths, and other natural ores and artificially rare earths concentrated water as a result of rubbish decomposition in the environment, check, collect, and dilute whenever they cannot be recovered from water. And include into this also silver, tin, alkaline and alkaline-terreous into unbalanced natural environment which environment itself is balancing on its own.

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