While writing a series of articles on direct current and alternating current, I started revising some old books and concepts I had to learn and understand by myself, and with the help of some teachers and people who provided me with their knowledge on some basic ideas.

As I had learned those concepts in my own views because of my way of learning them, drawing everything that could be drawn by hand at the time and really understanding every concept, it didn’t take me too much time to remember old principles and quickly spot quite a few principles, which I could not at the time understand as well as other formerly more than enough well understood physical laws.

I was twenty-something then and thought I should revise later, and later on I moved to another town and started another line of studies and eventually became a teacher of English.

The thing is, I thought at the time it had been me who hadn’t understood something, but the truth is I was wrong when I came to that conclusion.

The truth is I had understood everything right, but the rest of teachers, professors, and people, while finding some formulae they didn’t quite comprehend, simply made their cheat-sheets to memorize them in order to pass their exams, because they were interested more on passing the exams than on understanding how Physics, Chemistry, and Maths works.

Well, how is it that this situation has been possible?

Because of History, traditions, industrial, and above all economical views.

Geometry, for instance, is based in transformations to convert angles, and distances in Nature, to our convenience into ‘our’ own mathematical system of Euclidean coordinates, which (NOT) everyone learns as they are told they are (although those who learnt well another transformations in terms of matrices and determinants usually normalize values and forget or do not think what is the actual scale, SYNC functions are widely used nowadays, and there is a convention on the singularities of those output values, which on paper do nothing, but on natural environment physical force fields we really do not know, and a lot of energy (heat) is ‘lost’ on the way).

From a mathematical geometrical point of view, square root of negative values do not exist in the mathematical set of Real numbers. This is formally an agreement, a convention, which leads to express everything related to the first quarter of a circumference, a circle, or a sphere, whereas the simple meaning of all those formalisms is, from a certain point onward you must express it in Imaginary numbers, which are not imaginary at all, but real. It has been made so for centuries, and if we get products, regardless of heat loss, that way, why should we change the sources or materials?

In other words, if you have a thread in the eye of a needle, to mathematical formalisms in their terms, and you place the thread on the centre of a pizza and have to dish its portions to have dinner, Real numbers to mathematical calculations are only the quarter past portion of the pizza, and the portion that goes from half past, to a quarter to.

square root

Square root halved to the first quadrant.

That’s how you can miss out half a pizza with Imaginary numbers!

(Yeah, I know, I know…)

There might be some pizza purists who may say, – She has no idea of what she’s talking about, a pizza has three dimensions not two, it is not a good example to explain an area.

Mmmm, yes, you are right, I have no idea of what I am talking about…

Besides, the silly three-dimensional pizza explanation of mathematical area concept, which (if I wished to engage in a debate I could say, – Well…the same goes with mathematical Real and Imaginary volumes, but as I don’t want to start any discussion on three-dimensional pizza areas and volumes, I won’t say anything…).

What was I saying? Ah! Yes. It would be great to make a clearly standing out distinction on mathematical and physical numbers.

Besides Euclidean geometry, there have been loads of traditional views which have influenced societies, Science and scientists views on every subject of knowledge, having and having not some of them been reviewed and corrected, and what is more numerous and important, their direct and inverse implications and applications.

Industries are ways of obtaining products in the most efficient way, but they have been developing since Bronze (Cu/Sn) age, and use techniques well known because ‘we’ have been using them for thousands of years, perfected, but based on ancient principles which helped for the development of societies and economies all throughout History all over the world. In addition, industries have developed on one or another ways because of investments on new techniques or materials.

Industrial revolution, changed the world putting the aim on make it more comfortable, and better for all of us, but something happened with electricity and magnetism; money, patents, investors and speculations. There is even an important period known as the Electricity Wars of which I had no idea at all because that deals more with history and politics, and though I like some aspects of them, I very much more like Science because it is usually more close to reality than History.

And then is when economies have reached their self-oversaturate point. Today, it does not have much sense to speak about economies, because since a long time ago, money and goods can travel easily with little or no restriction at all, whereas people must go through a process of control to go back and fro.

There is an additional problem for investigations on new technologies and fields of study; language. I have read (note 1) technical texts on science both in Spanish and English, and I almost always end up reading them in English because there are some translations which do not mean or give the same idea on their meaning. For instance, the MAC of a digital device. ‘Media access control’ in English, controls the ID of the device which is logging in in any Internet service (and that includes computers of any kind, laptops, netbooks, tablets, mobiles and telephony), in Spanish it is translated as “Control de acceso a medios” which gives the opposite sense of connection direction idea, although we use the same capital letters to refer to it, MAC. If I had to write an exhaustive list on dimensions and units letters which, regardless of being low, capital, or Greek alphabet conventions, changing their related meaning depending on the specific field of study in Physics, Maths, or Chemistry, you would end up falling asleep before I ended with the low characters.

(1) I pronounce it bad in the audio of this article (because of natural implications of improvised speach) in my youtube channel, ‘to read’ is an irregular verb (note 2) in its pronounciation and conjugation:
Present Simple: read /ri:d/, Past Simple: read /red/ Past  Participle: read /red/.
(2) Irregularities in languages are common with the most usual verbs because being more frequently used they are much more influenced by the way of speaking and use by their speakers: we, people.

Those specific values are good only in one case and with two necessary conditions:

First          – Be sure of what you are referring to while using them.

Second    – Be sure every person in your audience is sure of what you are referring to with them.

Which, in my opinion, is not generally the case.

So, in a full-perspective of today’s society it would be better to see economy as the sum effort of all economies in the world. And if it is so… What is happening?

As I see it, it is not a problem of good and bad, it is a problem of error, mistakes, not-knowing or assuming certain principles as proved when the reality is they are wrong, and some core elements who played an important part in the economical and political situation in the present day.

Quantum computing Cambridge University.

In this paper (1985), an explanation of computing models on the study of different type of physical systems is given in scientific terms. Such models only have on account the labels they are studying at the input and their state at the output of the ‘sandbox’, and although they relay on the environment conditions on the system being the object of study according to Physics limitations, they only get output for those labels, besides there are some known convened values (such as cardinal sine functions I spoke about above) whose outputs are considered, but not really known.

Regarding quantum mechanics wave functions do have so well known errors nowadays, that people talk of them in terms of probabilities. It cannot be avoided, yes, you are right, but it can be much more accurate by making simple operations in order not to leave some constants totally out of equations, or recurring to complex formulae when there are much more effective, intelligible, and simple ways to calculate and explain things, use some words, they are longer, but much more unambiguous.

I really like Science, that is why I can speak Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, and it didn’t take me too much time to revise some ‘new’ (back in the eighties) concepts.

However, I have found yet another concept to be revised; money, economy, funds, banks, investments, influencing Science, Industry, and Technology rejection or development.

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