Gibberish is a word defining technical, pretentious, specific semantic fields words most people do not understand (and a vast majority do not even know of their existence).

Regarding technical issues, professional fields are sometimes not so joyful as to make or admit ‘not-knowledge’, mistakes, or errors. Besides there are loads of technical things with which technicians do not agree.

I am revising some concepts I had studied and understood at an age and stage of knowledge which was not expected for youngsters as I was then to have, and I have tripped over an old acquaintance of mine: abstract algebra.

While I go on revising, I will give you some technical material indications I understood then, and I am certain most people, teachers or computers who had to evaluate my test exams while studying engineering at University, which I afterwards gave up, had not expected me to know or bear in mind while being tested.

Orthogonal is not the same thing as orthonormal.

Vectorial product: scalar, cross, triple… zero vector, that is comfortable in order to simplify calculations in physics, maths, and chemistry for industrial transformation processes, the zero vector does not mean the result is really a non-effect vector. It is much more REAL to consider it as a result that takes vectorial resultants out of the particular universe studied in each case, which in the case of abstract algebra, such as Lie algebras, is more accurately defined as exterior product. This is widely known to people who handle drawing applications, to position objects in a digital virtual 3D-space.

And much more urgent and important right now: isomerism.

Isomers are a type of compounds which share the same simplified chemical formula, but have different  3D space dispositions. L and R isomerism is widely known to general practitioners,  biochemists, and biologists, because of the difference between their enzymes or catalysts.

In the case you are really avid for technical knowledge, check these links and bear in mind there are or might be some errors in some of them.

Chemistry of Hydrogen.
Lewis octet rules.
Ferromagnetic materials.
Magnetic fields vectorial images from Google search.

Have a nice day.

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