Bardarbunga emergency. Volcanic chemistry, magnetism and seawater dissolutions

Bardarbunga emergency. Volcanic chemistry, magnetism and seawater dissolutions.

Sulphur is an element chemically equivalent in the valence and electronic configuration as Carbon, in fact the natural occurrence of chained reactions in which sulphur and carbon end becoming acids or salts are many and well known for some experts in geology, chemistry, vulcanology, and computer science, but it seams nobody (but me) had though of watery  solutions of sulphur salts transforming in manganese, tiocianate, isotiocianate, and magnetite iron complex salts, because as I commented in some other sites and here in my blog, it is a really common error to believe that things are as we are told they are.

Fortunately I have always liked science, and have (more than enough) knowledge in some matters, besides I have been observing many errors in science and societies views, errors that can be perfectly paired to those made in the Middle Ages while Inquisition and other estamental forces (now called lobbies) where firmly ruling the Middle Ages.

One of the most well known of those errors was that which obliged Cristophorus Columbus to gently press an egg against a table to try to explain in a simple visual way his theory to his mecenas, which by the way more than five hundred years afterwards historians have not concluded from which part of the world they were, and every so often comes some erudite claiming the goal had been scored by their team.

Well, that is what happens with History

Science is totally different, in fact five hundred years afterwards Galileo Galilei was obliged to deny its own certainty about his investigations, it seems the Christians have eventually recognized they had been wrong with their view as to thinking the Earth was the centre of the Universe, and admitted (not without a slightly reluctant attitude…) they had been wrong…

Ballistics had been scientifically and empirically right since… much earlier (consider the change on resistance of an arc structure being hit from above in comparison from being hit from below, make a pretty drawing on that subject and distribute it).

I’m afraid we don’t have many time left, so my ‘flashfast’ solution on industries dissolutions of ions into water is what follows: put some huge machines to desalinate the sea where it is  necessary according to the Earth’s needs, this means Antarctica, there if you desalinate water the whole world will take advantage of the natural temperatures distribution and the Earth’s path in its place (which I hope nobody goes on doubting is revolving around the Sun, and I am not talking about newspapers hopefully).

Occurrence and manufacture

Small amounts of carbon disulfide are released by volcanic eruptions and marshes. CS2 once was manufactured by combining carbon (or coke) and sulfur at high temperatures. A lower temperature reaction, requiring only 600 °C utilizes natural gas as the carbon source in the presence of silica gel or alumina catalysts:[5]

2 CH4 + S8 → 2 CS2 + 4 H2S

The reaction is analogous to the combustion of methane. Although it is isoelectronic with carbon dioxide, CS2 is highly flammable:

CS2 + 3 O2 → CO2 + 2 SO2

Global production/consumption of carbon disulfide is approximately one million tonnes, with China consuming 49%, followed by India at 13%, mostly for the production of rayon fiber.[6] USA production in 2007 was 56,000 tonnes.[7]

Industry and engineering too often analyse systems as closed ‘universes‘ into which what is outside is ‘The Nothing’. That is comfortable to make calculations and leave some side products outside equations, but unfortunately, industrial residues of factories go outside factory-universe in calculations, but reality is pounding high loud ‘The Nothing’ is earth and water in any of its locations and states, and it is a really dangerous huge technical problem.

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