Karstic woodworm or bubbling stones

Karstic woodworm or bubbling stones


Karst topography is a landscape formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone ( = cal),  dolomite (= dolomita), and gypsum (= yeso). It is characterised by underground drainage systems with sinkholes, dolines, and caves.[1] It has also been documented for weathering-resistant rocks, such as quartzite, given the right conditions.[2] Subterranean drainage may limit surface water with few to no rivers or lakes. However, in regions where the dissolved bedrock is covered (perhaps by debris) or confined by one or more superimposed non-soluble rock strata, distinctive karst surface developments might be totally missing (wikipedia).

Map for earthquakes worldwide

Earthquakes (-> and cracklings) for the last fifteen years map.

Uh, how nice! It looks cool!

Somebody check earthquakes times and tide chart times, for different locations in Iceland, I have found they are related,

(in fact there is a sequence, a two-hours lapse EXACTLY, see UTC conventions in my recently published ‘Bardarbunga updates’ post (<- – it was a comment and I erased it accidentally, pity, there was a good link to UTC system, but you can check yourselves) and you’ll understand why, though this is not really important)

for some occurring in Bardarbunga volcanic system, despite the enthusiasm, of some bigheaded, arrogant, tough people who believe firmly they know everything or don’t give a damn about it.


You should re-read carefully all I have been writing under the GLOBAL ISSUES tag or category:


1 ) CURIE’S TEMPERATURE changes magnetic properties of elements and molecules, and that includes its watery solutions.
2) CHEMICAL GRADIENTS, osmosis, salinity.


Somebody add biological change on micro-organisms, algae, and so on.

And I’ll tell you something more: There have been lots of biased data all along humanity’s History, because of ministries, industries,  investments, and corruption, which in this case is a GLOBAL ISSUE too.

And don’t forget to look carefully the ocean’s bottom for the Atlantic Ridge, that is where Bardarbunga is located, and head for the Arctic Ocean sea floor.

Keep it cool.

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