Global warming? What the heck is that?

Global warming? What the heck is that?


In fact, I had a tempting idea on discussing the etymology of the words ‘global’ and ‘warming’, but at last I made my mind up as to be the more explicit and simple as possible, and opted for including an edited image which I made by cropping and pasting two images borrowed from NASA TerraMetrics Satellite Service.

For those of you who have an eye on climate change, I think it is not necessary so much clarity on these matters, but unfortunately there are a pretty few people who do not exactly know the real meaning of the expression ‘GLOBAL WARMING’and it is for those ones that I have included this graphical piece of ‘GLOBAL TRUTH’, easy to see and check.

Oh, by the way, the amount of heat at a certain point is what we all call temperature. On this satellite image taken from space by courtesy of NASA everybody can directly view what ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ means, by reading carefully the temperatures all over the world today.

Keep calm and chill out.

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